The Zambia Institute of Architects (ZIA) has instituted investigations into the accident that happened at Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka last week where one person died, while two others sustained injuries when a building structure collapsed on them.

And ZIA says it will ensure that all developments in Zambia are compliant with the law and provide a safe working environment for its citizens.

Earlier, Liege Africa Construction Company had contracted three people to demolish a wall at Woodlands Stadium shopping complex and in the process, the wall collapsed on them, killing one.

“A construction company called Liege Africa contracted three people, who are now victims, to demolish the old walls where they intend to build a Hungry Lion outlet, in the process the part of it collapsed injuring the three and one of them by the names of Codrine Shimayoba was pronounced dead on arrival at UTH. The other two identified as Acron Moonga and Enoch Sakala are at Chilenje Level One Hospital receiving treatment,” Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed in a statement.

Reacting to the development, ZIA president Sydney Ngoma stated that it was the mandate of all developers and their agents to ensure that no worker was exposed to hazards and accidents.

“ZIA wishes to express sadness on the accident that occurred at Woodlands Stadium on Friday, 19th July, 2019, where human life was reportedly endangered. The Institute would like to wish the affected families well in this challenging time. Zambia Institute of Architects, being a professional body that regulates architecture in the country, has a mandate to ensure that developments being undertaken are compliant with the laws through the provision of safe working environments. It is the mandate of the developers and their agents to ensure that no worker is exposed to hazards and accidents and that there is zero tolerance to unsafe construction practices that would affect or terminate human life within a construction site,” Ngoma stated in a statement.

He added that ZIA would investigate the matter and ensure that all developments in the country were compliant and provide a safe working environment for citizens.

“As a regulator of Architecture under CAP 442 of laws of Zambia, we would like to urge all developers and members of the public to comply with best practices where safety is concerned. Members of the public are further urged to ensure that they involve architects in their developments throughout the project life so that there is guidance, leadership and strict adherence to laws that pertain to safe work environments. It is also notable that Sustainable Development Goals Number 11 and 12 provide for promotion of sustainable cities and communities through responsible consumption and production throughout the construction life cycle. Zambia Institute of Architects shall, therefore, institute further investigations into the matter through its inspectorate in collaboration with its stakeholders and ensure that all developments in the country are compliant and provide a safe working environment for our citizens,” stated Ngoma.