The stupidity of Zambians is that they like clapping for idiots like Chishimba Kambwili when he calls President Edgar Lungu a thief, says Patriotic Front acting chairperson for Lusaka Province Paul Moonga.

And Moonga has charged that Kambwili, who is National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader, is just a fat glutton with an extremely low caliber of intelligence.

Commenting on Kambwili’s announcement last week that he would parade President Edgar Lungu for everyone to see him after arresting him for theft when NDC forms government, Moonga laughed at Kambwili’s “illusion,” while calling him a “fat glutton.”

“Is that not a laughable story? Just look at Chishimba Kambwili, who is Chishimba Kambwili? The character holds a degree from ‘Cornerstone’ University! They now call him a doctor; even these American people are also a nuisance! How could they give him a doctorate degree? In what field? Why was he honoured? That it’s for helping poor people, which poor people? Has he got a charity organisation for helping poor people in Zambia? They went and honoured this fat glutton character who can’t even face himself with a doctorate degree. He’s over fat, he obese! He can’t face himself,” Moonga charged.

“But then Zambians enjoy listening to people with vulgar language and they consider them heroes! Those who are quiet are a nuisance. Zambians like clapping to idiots! When you insult at a public forum, people clap a lot. They want you to speak the language of a ‘kaponya’ (thug), but when you are talking about the problems they have, they are quiet. Do a careless dance, people will be clapping. But do a decent dance, they will be quiet. What is wrong with Zambians? Why do we enjoy to clap for nuisance? Someone says: ‘Lungu nikabolala (Lungu is a thief) and they’re [shouting] ‘eeeh eeeh!’ But when someone says: ‘Lungu is good,’ everyone will be quiet. That is the stupidity of us Zambians, we enjoy being insulted, and we enjoy vulgar language.”

Moonga suggested that Kambwili needed deliverance through prayers.

“We must pray for that man, he’s sick mentally and spiritually. Read the Book of Romans 13 vs 1:6, it will tell you how you should obey to leadership and governance. I never knew why the council was being hated until I became a Christian. Today, I understand why a tax collector is an enemy of a smuggler. So, when you hear people saying you are bad, it’s because you are doing a good job. In Zambia, today, those who do good jobs are being condemned by the opposition. We are so good at condemning people who are doing good jobs, Lungu, as soft spoken as he is, he will be hated by people like Chishimba Kambwili,” Moonga argued.

“Kambwili is a character of extremely low caliber who does not know where he’s going. The only caliber he has is the caliber of insults. People with low caliber are usually very good with vulgar language. But people who are sensitive enough, who fear God cannot have such character of insults because before they do anything, they think about God, to say: ‘what will my redeemer think of me?’ So, Chishimba Kambwili should go to Church genuinely and should be prayed for so that his tongue can be turned into a tongue of good character. That way, he will be thinking before he opens to say: ‘is this message that I want to put across going to cause anarchy in the country?’ ‘What about the followers of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, will they turn against me?’ Remember what we always say, we can build or destroy this country with the way we speak.”

Meanwhile, Moonga argued that PF was only preaching the message of goodwill in this Tuesday’s Katuba parliamentary by-elections.

“In Katuba, we are preaching a message of good will. We are saying no cadre from Lusaka District should enter Chibombo District, let them beat us, we don’t mind. They are insulting us, we don’t mind. But at the end of the day, we have one country that we call Zambia. My tribe is Zambia and my friend is you and me, we are one people. Why should I use hate speech against the candidate of UPND and why should I talk about him in the first place? My business is to sell my product. Character assassination is the worst thing you can dwell on as a human being. So, for Chishimba Kambwili, I would say may God forgive him for his vulgar language,” said Moonga.