UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka has challenged Facebook gossip bloggers to publish his ‘nude video’ in which they purport that he was with an unidentified light-skinned woman in South Africa.

Yesterday, Katuka’s Facebook profile picture, which was updated on May 14, went viral on social media. In the said picture, Katuka appears to be nude but it’s just a head and shoulders shot.

Gossip blogs like Zambian Watch, however, posted the picture and claimed that they had a video which Katuka filmed while he was in South Africa three months ago. They further claimed that in the video, Katuka showed his entire nude body whilst walking towards a light-skinned woman, who was also naked.

But Katuka told News Diggers! that the story had no substance and was just the work of his enemies, who don’t want to see him progress in the UPND.

“Someone has just called me to tell me; I haven’t seen it. You know, I am not a social media person, but I don’t think there is any substance to that. You know that I don’t use the same media myself or filming or anything; I don’t even communicate on Facebook! So, it’s total rubbish! And someone sent me the picture that is on my Facebook page, the profile picture that is the one they are using; there is no substance, my dear. There is no substance in the story, nothing completely. It is the work of the enemy. I was there (South Africa) sometime back, but I don’t remember the incident there. Let them show the video so that we know the person, maybe, I will be able to identify that person,” Katuka said.

When asked if he had been in touch with any light-skinned women, while he was in South Africa, he said it was difficult to say because he interacted with many people while he was there.

“I am saying it is difficult to say a light one; there are so many light people I don’t know whether it is South African, Zambian. In South Africa, there were people from Zambia and then they were South Africans there. So, I am saying unless we see the person, then we will be able to tell. You know, these positions of ours you have people trying to mess you up! You have others also, who have their personal interests and try to put you in disrepute. Otherwise, that is why I said, let them show the video, then it will us give us a clue. Because according to that, it is painting that it is me who took the video. It says I was filming, I was setting the camera. I set the camera myself? That’s not possible. I don’t know who has seen it, but you know in this game of politics, there are people trying to destroy you here and there so you wouldn’t know if it’s internal or external or it’s within the party or outside,” said Katuka.