Alliance for Community Action (ACA) executive director Laura Miti says the organisation is set to host another Yellow Card campaign at Mukuni village in Livingstone today.

In an interview, Miti said the yellow card campaign is meant to fight corruption and bad governance in the nation.

“The importance of the yellow card campaign is that the country and especially the ordinary citizens need to ask themselves what type of country they want and if this Zambia that we are living in now is in any way reflective of their desires as citizens. I think quite a few citizens are not very happy…” Miti said.

“But to amplify on the question of corruption, it is just the issue that money that should pay for citizens’ services, money that should pay to improve lives to ensure that our young people get a passable education that gives a functionable adulthood, is ending up in corrupt projects, is ending up in private projects.”

She said the Yellow Card campaign is aimed at reminding political leaders that power is with the people.

“When it comes to governance, we have a Constitution that is passing through Parliament right now that many of us can’t recognize. We cannot remember asking for the provisions in it. So essentially, you get the sense that the country is being governed not in the interest of the people. But it is the people who have the power, those that are in power serve at our pleasure, we give them the mandate. So the Yellow Card campaign is trying to remind them that power should be exercised in the best interests of ordinary citizens,” Miti said.

She said Livingstone was selected as the next place to host the Yellow Card campaign because the people of the tourist capital had invited the organization for such an event.

“Livingstone is where we were invited and where we found the venue so we have had a lot of invitations or at least people around the country saying ‘please come’. But we depend on the locals…to provide the venue because the Yellow Card campaign is largely unfunded but also requires the local support. So Livingstone is the one that was the first to make concrete arrangements so went on with it,” said Miti.

The Yellow Card campaign was first hosted in Lusaka outside Parliament on July 21, 2019.