PF media director Sunday Chanda says governance activist Brebner Changala should concentrate on examining the legitimacy of the opposition UPND party constitution as opposed to calling for early elections on non-issues.

Changala recently said there was need for the country to start afresh on a number of governance issues through holding of a general election that would usher in a new administration before the scheduled 2021 polls.

But commenting on this call in an interview with News Diggers!, Chanda advised Changala to concentrate on questioning UPND leaders Hakainde Hichilema’s continued stay at the helm of the opposition party.

“It is sad how a disgraced Brebner Changala has dramatically sunk from ‘activist’ to a desperate sensationalist seeking long lost relevance. His questioning of the ‘legitimacy’ of the PF government and his call for ‘early elections’ as reported in News Diggers! are as genuine as a K3 note. Let Mr Changala instead pursue the illegitimacy of his kit master (Hakainde Hichilema)’s life presidency in the UPND and how he has manipulated Article 70 of his party’s constitution to give himself an ‘indefinite tenure’. Brebner Changala must also explain whether he embraces the rule within UPND that only a certain tribe must rule UPND. Is an illegitimate Changala trying to legitimize his sucking-up to become the umpteenth vice-president of UPND?” Chanda mockingly asked.

He boasted that the PF’s developmental agenda was blowing an unstoppable wind of change in opposition strongholds.

“It is a fact that North-Western and Western provinces are no longer UPND strongholds. We have gained a significantly bigger share of the votes in former opposition strongholds, as UPND have had their margins terminally eroded. The momentum is on our side, the popularity PF is increasing at the grassroots-level right across the country; from Chilanga and Kafue and the whole of Lusaka and Central Province to Mangango, Shitwa and Kanabilumbu in Western Province to Kanyama, Lingelengenda in North-Western Province right through to Lubwa (Ward) and the rest of the Copperbelt, to Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province, PF has been scooping by-elections at grassroots-level,” Chanda said.

“While PF is gaining ground in opposition strongholds, our popularity in Patriotic Front strongholds is being fortified and entrenched by noble people-centred politics and respect. So, what is Changala blithering and blabbing about? Changala and his kit master leading an opposition party (HH) and their cohorts are living in bitter denial. Which party has been winning by-elections? What has been the trend? PF legitimacy is increasing at grassroots-level because PF is a movement of the people…It is Changala’s political illegitimacy and his sucking-up to his UPND kit master that has rendered him a political vagabond striving for relevance.”

Meanwhile, Chanda told Changala to beware that HH and the UPND were frustrating government efforts to deliver development without leaving anyone behind.

“The PF under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu promotes all-inclusive development without leaving anyone behind. However, Changala’s kit master, who is notoriously tribal, prevents his MPs from cooperating with government in bringing development to UPND-mismanaged wards and constituencies. This same tribalist considers any of his tribes-mates who work with government to develop their areas as ‘traitors’. What happened to Sinazongwe’s Richwell Siamunene? What happened to the other UPND MPs appointed to government positions? What happened to the former UPND Kafue District Council chairperson who was expelled by Hichilema for merely attending in his official capacity a ‘Keep Kafue Green and Healthy’ Campaign – an official event that was graced by the President of the Republic of Zambia? For Changala’s kit master, it also didn’t help that the Kafue District Chairperson’s name was from a ‘wrong’ region,” charged Chanda.

“In spite of the malice of a few people like Changala and his kit master, President Lungu and the PF government will not be deterred from taking the much-needed development to our people in Southern Province, and other areas that did not vote for him as exemplified by the construction of the over K9 million-worth Dundumwezi Grid Extension by the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and an ultra-modern Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula (International) Airport in Livingstone as well as a modern Hospital in Munyumbwe, Gwembe as well as health posts in almost all the districts in the province, including the construction of a modern secondary school in Gwembe with 800 pupils attending capacity. This is apart from the many other development projects in the province, such as the cattle restocking programmes; construction of the Kafue – Mazabuka Road; installation of new telecommunication towers; the upgrading of Choma town to the provincial headquarter, and township roads in Choma; Mazabuka and Monze to name a few from an endless list. So, what legitimacy is Changala’s belly aching about?”