Politician Mwenya Musenge has said if he starts revealing what he knows about Chishimba Kambwili, the former information minister will be finished.

And Musenga says Kambwili must come out of the box and face reality that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been de-registered.

Meanwhile, the former NDC secretary general, has disclosed that he is planning on registering a new party for the poor people and not for the rich like Kambwili.

Musenge, the former PF member and Copperbelt minister during Michael Sata’s government, said Kambwili must begin to treat others with respect.

“My humble appeal to my good friend Kambwili, let him avoid using unpalatables against his colleagues. It is not right; I think we can do better than that. Zambia is not for him alone, Zambia is for each and every person who calls him or herself a Zambian and such [a person] has got a right to participate in the politics of this country. This tendency of showing so much anger and trying to belittle others thinking you are best, you are the know it all, and that nobody can say anything about you, I think it is not right. When people give you the respect, respect them as well. Because the truth of the matter is that ngatwali bulile akasaka naifwe twatampa uku longolola utuntu twa ishiba pali ba kambwili (if we start unpacking the things we know about Kambwili), the gentleman will be finished. In yesterday’s (Sunday) press conference, he insulted me, and this is not the first time he has done that, he has done it on a number of occasions but I will never insult him or anybody because a human being is created in the image of God,” Musenge said in response to Kambwili’s statement that the NDC was taking care of the former.

He said just because he was “poor” did not mean he was unable to run another political party.

“Yes indeed, I am a poor person but that does not mean that I can fail to put food on the table, that doesn’t mean I can fail to raise a few coins to help a few colleagues to come so that we can come and sit together and share the little that I have. And I have never, no single time have I ever bragged to say I am a rich person and truthfully speaking, I cannot be equated to Kambwili who is one of those richest persons that we have on earth and is able to fly to London to go and have breakfast there with his wife and fly back with his wife in the evening and come and have supper in Zambia and I don’t think I will ever attain that level in my life. But that doesn’t mean that if I am a poor person, then I cannot exercise my right to participate in the politics of this country. If I am a poor person [but] that does not mean that I cannot form a political party. It is my fundamental right if I wish to from a political party,” Musenge said.

And Musenge said the certificate of the NDC, an opposition party which he helped form, has been withdrawn and there is no way the party can operate in a vacuum.

“You see unfortunately, I wouldn’t want to behave in the manner that Kambwili is behaving and start exchanging whatever unpalatables because it will be very difficult to tell the wise of the two. What Kambwili ought to do is to come out of the box and accept the reality; it is going to help him. Where we are, it’s a fact that the certificate has been withdrawn by the Registrar of Societies and if the certificate is withdrawn, do you expect a party to operate in a vacuum? I don’t want to continue arguing on things, which I personally know are right. There are a lot of people out there who know how this party began and whatever my dear young brother Kambwili was uttering, the majority of it is false and there is no aorta of truth in it,” he said in response to Kambwili’s allegations that the former was being funded by the ruling PF to cause confusion in NDC.

“We have never resolved our differences, we have had a standoff which we feel is not taking us anywhere so when we made a decision to say we cannot continue intra party fighting the way we have been fighting, and secondly the last person we thought would give us consideration was the Minister of Home Affairs and he has rejected our request, so what do you do? Do you want us to continue fighting and going to court? There are a number of people that we had contacted, our friends, and they told us to move out of this thing and start something else.”

On his plans to register another political party, Musenge said the new formation would be for his fellow poor people and not for the rich like Kambwili.

“Of course, definitely I cannot lie, I can’t pretend. We are looking at registering another political party [as] it is our fundamental right and we feel that we have had enough na ba kankala (the rich) ba Kambwili. We want to make a party ya ba pina (for the poor). The party for the vulnerable, for the rich we will leave it to Kambwili and he is free to take the matter to court, he is free to take the Minister of Home affairs to court or even the Attorney General if he wants to redeem the NDC. It’s up to him. But for us, we have said that we have lost interest in it now, we are proceeding with something else and we are hoping that God willing, the Registrar of Societies will this time consider and register our party,” said Musenge.