Sinda District Commissioner Paradious Sakala has called on the clergy not to use the pulpit to settle differences with government, but rather sit and quietly resolve issues amicably.

Speaking during Sunday Mass at Chassa Catholic Church, Sakala comlained that the clergy tried to use the pulpit to point out the wrongs committed by government.

He, however, said such a strategy was inefficient compared to resolving problems amicably.

“I request you, priest and others that, being the organizers of our lives, many things that happen in our communities and societies reaches you differently, then I would ask that if it’s the DC not doing well, I request you that instead of opening a verse on the pulpit and start criticizing or blaming, it’s better you call the DC and talk to him nicely. I believe that is your mission: to bring peace and unity. But if you preach, then you are destroying,” Sakala said.

He stressed the important partnership the Church had with government.

“…It’s important for the Church to supplement government efforts, such that where government doesn’t do well, the Church comes in and vise versa. So, when we preach, let’s ensure we are building and not destroying. If the government doesn’t do well, even the Church won’t do well, and if the Church does well, even the government will do better,” said Sakala.

And Sakala said that President Edgar Lungu was doing his best to ensure that no Zambian should die of hunger.

“The government is doing all its best so that no one dies of hunger as the President has been talking about every time,” said Sakala, who also appealed to church leaders not to shun this year’s National Day of Prayers slated for Friday, October 18.

Meanwhile, Sinda member of parliament Masauso Tembo, popularly known as Kazungula, called on the Church to remain prayerful amidst the effects of climate change.

“The climate changed as indicated by poor rainfall pattern and that makes us to call for all to pray to God so that he gives us rainfall so that hunger issues reduce on earth because if we don’t pray, then rainfall will be sufficient to us….let’s pray for unity and peace,” urged Tembo.

Assistant priest Gift Chisi thanked Tembo, among other key stakeholders, who were in attendance during the Mass.