Police say they are yet to arrest the PF cadre who shot dead UPND member Laurence Banda in Kaoma on Sunday.

On Sunday, Western Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu told News Diggers! in an interview that police had nabbed a UPND cadre who indiscriminately shot and injured two people, one of them his fellow opposition party member after a confrontation between the UPND and PF in Kaoma, which left one person dead.

“Among those shot was a UPND cadre. Incidentally, during the indiscriminate shootings, he also shot one of his friends from the same party because there was commotion and pandemonium so one bullet landed on a UPND cadre,” Lungu had earlier said.

But later, police spokesperson Esther Katongo issued another statement indicating that after investigations, it was suspected that Banda’s death resulted from shots fired from a vehicle that was carrying several PF cadres.

In a follow-up interview, Wednesday, Katongo told News Diggers! that the investigation into the matter was still ongoing and that more information would only be availed when investigations were concluded.

“Nothing has come up yet; we are still waiting until it [investigation] concludes. We are still investigating the matter; we would have given you [an update]. What is on social media has not come from us. Read the statement…[the shooter] came from the white vehicle suspected to have been carrying PF cadres,” said Katongo.

“Everything will come out once we are done with investigations. We will not begin engaging ‘this one says this and this one says that and another says that’. Let us do our work first and when we are done, we will give you the information. We don’t want to begin debating in the media, no!”

And responding to a query on the status of the UPND cadre, Chola Simwaba, who was arrested for allegedly shooting his fellow UPND cadre, Lungu did not give a categorical answer.

“We will give the details soon, we are still investigating. We will give you details soon. It is what I am saying; I will let you know as soon as I receive evidence when we conclude. I will give you details when I am done with those investigations. I don’t want to say anything that may jeopardize investigations,” said Lungu in a separate interview.