Police in Chipata have arrested two Egyptian nationals aged 42 and 27 while one is on the run for allegedly raping and sodomising a 28-year-old woman of Ndola who was visiting relatives in the area.

Eastern Province Commissioner Luckson Sakala confirmed this development in an interview, narrating that the incident happened on October 13 in Chipata’s Old Jim area around 19:00 hours.

Sakala said the suspects also inserted a used condom, filled with unknown drugs, in the victim’s private parts after abusing her.

Sakala narrated that the suspects had visited the victim’s home to collect debt but when she informed them that the debtor was not around, one of the suspects proposed love to her and they agreed to meet in the evening.

“We have arrested two Egyptian nationals and charged them for rape, sodomy and canal sex. We cannot reveal their names at this stage because one of them is still large. The victim, the lady is 28 years old and she’s from Ndola, she came to visit her relatives in Chipata at old Jim. This incident happened on the 13th October, 2019 around 18:00 hours at the residence of the same Egyptians. The lady was hospitalised but has since been discharged. So for the ones we have arrested, one is 42 years old and the other one is 27. We haven’t yet arrested the person who is on the run because we strongly believe that he has moved out of the province. However, we have sent messages to all border posts so that should he make an attempt of probably running away from the country, he can be apprehended because him, he’s still having his passport,” Sakala said.

“So we can’t also not actually reveal the name of the victim because of the trauma that she’s passing through. You know it’s unbearable to be raped by three men, it’s a problem. So she’s still in Chipata to assist with investigations. She will be in Chipata probably until the issue is disposed off before the courts of law. If she goes back to Ndola, each time she will be required by the court, we’ll be calling her. But it’s very unfortunate that people can behave like animals. She was badly hammered, she couldn’t even walk. And you can imagine they were there doing that to her and even taking boosters.”

Asked what circumstances led up to the incident, Sakala explained that one of the said Egyptian men tricked the lady into a love relationship.

“From what we’ve established, it was one Egyptian among those three who had proposed love to her during day time, the same day incident happened. These are the people who sell merchandise on credit and they had actually gone to collect the money on that day. So when they went there, they didn’t find the elder sister who was supposed to have given them the money. They found the younger sister instead and one of these Egyptians fell in love with her and she accepted him. So they agreed to meet at 19:00 hours and when it was 19:00 hours, this Egyptian went and picked the lady and took her to his home. Little did she realise that there was a pre-arrangement for all the other two Egyptians to join him as he was having sex with her. So she was just taken by surprise that those two others just appeared from other rooms and started doing whatever they were doing to her. So this is such a situation and it is an eye opener to our women, they need to be careful who they are falling in love with,” said Sakala.

“So after hammering her from the vagina and the mouth and anus, these people then packed the drugs they were taking into one of the used condoms and inserted it into her vagina. The type and source of the drugs are yet to be established but they were removed from the hospital where the lady was taken for attention and has been discharged. She’s now at home recovering. So this situation, sad as it may be, it’s an eye opener to all our women. Women need to be careful who they are falling in love with because some of these men have got bad intentions, they do not mean well.”