Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) secretary general Mwenya Musenge has registered a another party called New Development Congress (NDC).

And Musenge has advised Chishimba Kambwili to form a new party instead of fighting the reregistration of NDC in court saying court process are a drain on time and resources.

Musenge posted in a WhatsApp group dubbed “Friends of Sata” that he had no intentions of standing as president but that all he wanted was a political party which respects its constitution.

“As New Development Congress party, we believe that values are guidelines for behaviour and they govern each person’s actions and attitudes. It is necessary for every leader to consciously and deliberately plan party programs that promote the values a society approves and wishes to uphold such as that of one Zambia one nation and Zambia a Christian nation. As New Development Congress party our values include acceptable behaviour, reliability, honest, efficiency, diligence, politeness, courtesy, fairness, self-discipline, tolerance, courage, respect for the dignity of labour, respect for other people and property, impartiality, respect for legitimate authority, public spiritedness, justice , punctuality to party activities etc. This and many other values not mentioned are one of those that differentiate New Development Congress Party from other already existing political parties in our lovely country Zambia,” Musenge stated.

Group members, however, mocked him, referring to him as a time waster.

Others wondered how the Registrar of Societies could allow further confusion by nodding the registration of another “NDC”.

“It is clear that someone is up to no good why should the Registrar of Societies register a political party which has similar names? You dont need to be a rocket scientist here to tell that the aim is to create further confusion in the NDC. Suppose someone formed a party called National Patriotic Front(NPF) or Progressive Front(PF) can such a political party be registered?” they asked.

In response, Musenge stated that he advised Kambwili to form a different party and move on.

“I have been called names and insulted by people who once called me my SG. I respect and forgive all such people. One day the truth will be known. It does not matter how long it takes but it will be known. I never parted away. NDC is registered. I have advised CK to just form a different party and move on. Court processes are a drain on time and resources. I have moved on and wish CK and his team well,” Musenge stated.

Asked why he formed a political party if he did not want to stand as president, Musenge said a vision was more important than a position.

“A vision is more important than a party or position. I have a vision which I hope to pass on. A leader will be found. My vision is to create a democratic platform that will identify a leader,” stated Musenge.