The Patriotic Front (PF) led Kabwe Central Constituency civic leadership has passed a vote of no confidence in their member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube saying he is “working with parallel structures, disrespectful to the established party hierarchy and has no regard for anyone”.

Presenting the resolution, Wednesday, on behalf of the other councilors, Luasanse ward councilor Godrich Machuta said Ngulube had failed to demonstrate leadership by failing to work with the 12 ward councilors in his constituency hindering sustainable growth of the wards.

Machuta said Tutwa was a loner who had disadvantaged the party’s popularity by using the PF’s platform to create his personal growth while denting the image of the party that won him his seat in the 2016 general elections.

“We the 12 councilors of Kabwe Central Constituency have resolved to reject our area MP Tutwa Ngulube. Honourable Ngulube has never had meeting with councilors from the time he was elected. He is disrespectful to the party hierarchy and has failed to follow laid down procedures in resolving grievances as he has a tendency of rushing to the media,” Machuta said.

Machuta alleged that Ngulube had failed to promote unity of purpose in the ruling party.

He said Ngulube’s continued fighting of the council had hindered the implementation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects.

“Honourable Ngulube has invested his energy in fighting fellow PF leaders at the expense of uniting leaders towards addressing the challenges facing the nation; and he has been doing this with impunity. He has continued creating and working with parallel structures in the wards. He is a loner who has disadvantaged PF’s popularity by using its platform to create his personal growth,” he said

The Luasanse ward councilor said efforts to counsel Ngulube had proved futile and that the decision to reject the MP was necessary to protect the image and integrity of the PF.

“We have been patient for far too long now over our MP’s lack of respect for others and failure to learn to work as a team while using the same political party to create his own political mileage. Efforts by the provincial leadership to counsel Honourable Ngulube have yielded negative results. We believe this issue has reached alarming levels and necessary action should be taken now to protect the image and integrity of the party. No one should be idolized for doing the wrong things. This resolution shall be presented to the Provincial party leadership for action,” said Machuta.

When contacted for a reaction, Ngulube said the councillors were showcasing ignorance of the law.

“It’s null and void ab initio. There is no legal basis upon which such an decision can even constitute an action. It’s pure ignorance of the law,” said Ngulube.