Former MMD president Felix Mutati says he will not appeal the court ruling that declared Nevers Mumba as the legitimate party president because he does not want the party to remain on the fighting path all the time.

And Mutati says he may have been relegated to the bottom today, but God has a plan for him.

Meanwhile, Mumba yesterday joined President Edgar Lungu at the National Cenotaph where the Head of State went to officiate at the Order of Parade Remembrance Day and laying of wreaths in honour of soldiers who died during the First and Second World Wars.

Mumba who was flanked by his fellow former vice-president Enock Kavindele was seen enjoying a light moment with President Lungu as the Head of State greeted guests at the event.

MMD Lusaka District secretary Reuben Mambwe has appealed to Raheal Nakacinda to appeal the court decision which declared Nevers Mumba as the duly recognised party president.

But speaking to journalists after attending church service at the Reformed Church in Zambia in Kafue, Mutati said he was willing to work with any political party with a progressive ideology.

He refused to comment on the status of the MMD/PF alliance saying the marriage was between political parties and not individuals.

“I may be at the bottom today but God has a plan for all of us. The past week has been a very difficult week not only for me but for the people that supported me for party MMD. Trying times, but what gave me strength was the solidarity that was offered to me, the support that was rendered to me, the belief that was deposited in me, that has given me the strength. All of you know that last week, November 5, a judgement was delivered. That judgement we will respect it and we are not going to appeal because God has a plan for all of us. We cannot remain on the same path where we continue to fight and quarrel. And it is for that reason that I remain focused to any rational political options that are progressive, sustainable, and that must be centred on service and addressing the various challenges that people face,” Mutati said.

He said politicians cannot resolve the challenges of this country if they put ambitions ahead of humanity.

“We cannot resolve the challenges of this country if we put ambitions ahead of ubuntu (humanity). We must be able to put ubuntu ahead of ambitions. This is the end but of only one chapter [and] another door of opportunity shall certainly open,” Mutati said.

He asked for forgiveness from all those he wronged when he served as a government official as well as party president.

“It doesn’t matter what you do, but if you place yourself at the centre of the people in whatever capacity, you are going to make a difference. The message from the pastor was very clear that no matter how dark that cloud maybe, it will never last forever. God has been kind to me in my life to make whatever contributions that I made to the people of Zambia, to make whatever difference that I made to the people of Zambia. But also to ask for his forgiveness that I am only human. In my journey to deliver service, I may have stepped on people’s toes, in my journey to deliver service, I may not have delivered full commitment. But the judgement for that is on the hands of God,” he said.

And Mutati wished Mumba all the best as he takes over the affairs of the party.

Earlier, Mambwe appealed to Nakacinda to appeal against the court ruling on the party leadership.

“The Lusaka District committee and its seven constituencies resolved as follows; we have disowned Dr Mumba together with the judgement imposed; we strongly urge our duly elected national secretary Honourable Raheal Nakacinda to appeal against this suspicious judgement immediately; and party loyalty in Lusaka District will always and without doubt remain to Hon Felix Mutati as he has proved to be a good leader, who within a short period of time has rejuvenated the party which almost collapsed under Dr Mumba, said Mambwe when he addressed district party sympathisers.