Police in Lusaka have remained tight-lipped on whether or not President Edgar Lungu’s special assistant for politics Kaizer Zulu has been charged for careless driving.

On Tuesday, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that Zulu’s careless driving caused an accident as he tried to wrongly overtake a bus.

Asked if Zulu would be charged for careless driving, Katongo said; “Of course yes. He will be charged. Waiting for those details from officers.”

And eye witnesses revealed that Zulu beat up the bus driver and verbally abused the owner of the school where the children were being ferried to after the accident.

But Zulu told News Diggers! in an interview that he did not take part in the beating of a school bus driver who was involved in a road accident with him, adding that he ended up in a ditch to save the children who were on the bus.

By press time yesterday, however, the police spokesperson did not respond to numerous questions from journalists wanting an update on whether or not Zulu had been charged. Katongo did not pick up any calls either.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said a decisive president would have fired Zulu a long time ago, in a Facebook post titled “The case of Kaizer Zulu”.

“We grew up in a culture of discipline and respect for our immediate neighbours and everyone in the community and beyond. We camped in the bush herding cattle and goats. We also the consequences of any of these livestock under our care going missing and the accounting process to the elders. We therefore learnt practical custodianship first hand and on site. These are the values we inherited and these are the values we are inculcating in our children, the party and the nation. This nation is currently witnessing the abominable behaviour of Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu, who has gone off the rocks brutalising citizens, brandishing weapons at every point and is basically in scandal after scandal. With the immense challenges that the country is going through, one would have expected much more sober, disciplined, and focused behaviour especially in the office of the Presidency. But for them, it’s parte after parte after parte, with all manner of impunity and arrogance. And you wonder why everything is falling apart. With such reckless behaviour in the highest office in the land, do we expect the country to be holding together?” asked Hichilema.

“A decisive, confident and courageous President would have fired Kaizer Zulu long ago. In Edgar Lungu’s government, this individual is the pillar of the President. We sympathise with the little children that are traumatised by this incident. They need psychological counseling after such a distressing ordeal. The likes of Kaizer Zulu would not have space in our Government. If Edgar Lungu is in charge, we challenge him to act for once and discard this bad egg from his Government.”