Former Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Luxon Kazabu says it is wishful thinking for President Edgar Lungu to feel that he deserves to be re-elected in 2021 when majority Zambians are suffering.

In an interview, Kazabu, who served in the Michael Sata PF regime, insisted that there was no justification for Zambians to vote for President Lungu again.

“President Lungu doesn’t stand a chance of winning the 2021 presidential election! What would be the justification for the Zambian people to vote for President Lungu? Because, clearly, he has failed! The economy is in dire straits, it is on oxygen. And there are all these problems! How can a normal person go and vote for a person that has caused him or her so much suffering? How can it be? There is no justification! Justification, normally, for a person to be elected is performance and conduct. If your performance is found to be wanting, I wonder what the justification would be for anyone to give their vote, which is the case with President Lungu,” Kazabu said.

“I am sorry to say that the records that is there is that of failure. Look at any sector of the economy; there are just problems! I am not too sure whether the Zambian people would continue to suffer the way they are suffering at the moment. My own conviction is that they don’t wish to; they would like this suffering to be annihilated, and that can only happen if there is change of government. Voting for President Lungu in 2021 will lead to more economic hardships, it’s clearly showing; the indications are there…what other evidence do you want?”

He added that it was nonsensical for government to import power from South Africa’s power utility Eskom and reduce load shedding by only two hours.

“And, now, we are compounded with these problems of load shedding the whole day. If you run a barbershop or a saloon, you can stay without working. The buying of power from Eskom, South Africa, should have happened like yesterday. The reduction of load shedding for just two hours, in other words, if people can work for two hours can that be good enough? It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t make sense! We see money being splashed around everywhere, can’t that money be used to give the Zambian people the power that they need?” he wondered.

“For me, I am a very worried person. I see all those young people who have become so innovative by fabricating all sort of different items. I am referring to metal fabricators; the young people found something to earn money through metal fabrication. Now, with the absence of power, that industry is dead! So, you have more people, now, without any means of living.”

Kazabu said although solutions to the economic problems may be found, the PF still risked losing the elections in 2021.

“I hear some people saying ‘this government is doing this, PF are doing well look at this and that.’ Look, the economy of this county is further sinking to the ground. It is not being turned around. What is the exchange rate today of the kwacha to dollar? K14. That tells you the whole story. The economy is in a very bad shape! It doesn’t matter who thinks otherwise; the truth of the matter is that, for once, whether you are a supporter of PF or not, let us face the reality on the ground: the economy is not doing well!” said Kazabu.

“And for the economy to perform well, those that are in leadership must wear their thinking cap. Do a lot of thinking and come up with solutions to the many problems that confront the Zambian people today. For me, I will not pretend that things are well when they are not well. With close to one year before elections, even if solutions are found, they will still be punished! They will still be punished, but at least if the problems that the Zambian people are facing right now are reduced, maybe you will find a few with confused minds that would walk to a polling booth and give them (PF) their votes. Mark my words, and I am saying, maybe you will find a few.”