President Edgar Lungu has described the story which implicated him, some Cabinet Ministers and his daughter in the illegal sale of Mukula as false news being perpetrated by some Zambian journalists.

And President Lungu says the continued misrepresentation of the Constitution Amendment Bill 10 has the potential to endanger peace in the country.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe said President Lungu said this when British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicolas Woolley and Department for International Development Representative Emeline Dicker paid a courtesy call on him, Monday.

Chipampe said President Lungu had many times restrained himself from acting on fabrications because he hoped one day, journalists in Zambia will rise above fake news.

“And President Lungu expressed concern that the country is being polluted daily with lies that have the potential to endanger peace in the country. President Lungu gave an example of the Constitution Amendment bill Also known as Bill 10 as well one document that has been misrepresented. President Lungu further said the talk of mentioned in the illegal trade of Mukula was another such case of false hoods being perpetuated by some Zambian journalists,” Chipampe said.

“The President hoped that Zambians journalists would rise above fake news and return to professional reporting. The President said he has many times restrained himself to act on fabrications because he hoped one day journalists in Zambia will rise above fake news.”

He said President Lungu hoped diplomats accredited to Zambia could use diplomatic channels when they wanted raise issues of concern.

“The President also hoped that diplomats accredited to Zambia could be using diplomatic channels whenever they had issues of concern. On the jailing of two Zambians who engaged in sodomy Mr Woolley said he understood the cultural norms of Zambians and the sensitivity of the matter in Zambia. He said issues to do with minority rights attracted debate in the United Kingdom. President Lungu said Zambia believed in the separation of powers and that the sentencing of the Kapiri gay couple was done by the Judiciary and not the Executive,” he said.

Chipampe disclosed that President Lungu requested the United Kingdom and other cooperating partners to foster engagement with all political players before the 2021 general election.

“The High Commission asked for more cooperation in the area of defence and security between Zambia and the United Kingdom so that peace is preserved in the region. Mr Woolley who has served in various countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo says Zambia should be the regional hub in terms of peace because of its geographical position; to which President Lungu ‘responded that Zambia would like to work with Britain in ensuring that there is peace in the region. President Lungu said it was the responsibility of Zambia to ensure that there is peace in neighboring countries,” said Chipampe

“And President Lungu has asked the United Kingdom and other cooperating partners to support government’s efforts to ensuring that there was engagement with all the political players way before the 2021 elections. President Lungu said people need to have confidence in the electoral system to avoid disputes that have characterized the African region. The President said any gains made in the economy would be undermined if there was violence in the country. Mr Wolley agreed with the President in engaging with all political players and said in Congo DR the process of engagement proved successful. Mr Wooley said the United Kingdom had a development program for Africa; the United Kingdom will partner with Zambia find solutions to fight climate change. Mr Wooley made projections through showing harsh conditions like low average rainfall and higher than average temperatures to which President Lungu said he welcomed the partnership to find solutions.”