Dr Mambwe an educated idiot – Mumbi

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has described UNZALARU general secretary Dr Kelvin Mambwe as an educated idiot because he has failed to use his education to improve the institution which he is a part of.

And Phiri says she does not comment on technical issues because she is only a certificate holder, disclosing that she declined an offer to be honored with a doctorate because she doesn’t “want to live a lie”.

Speaking when she featured on Joy FM’s The Platform programme, Thursday, Phiri lamented that Dr Mambwe called her an idiot, because she is going to vote for President Edgar Lungu in 2021.

“I am going to vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu again, and he says I am an idiot, do you know that’s biggest challenge we have in this country, we have educated idiots like Kelvin Mambwe who are in an institution, we have Professors and we have himself as a doctor when they are supposed to put their brains together. That University of Zambia is a grant aided institution, grants are given from government but they are supposed to make their own money as an institution. Students pay to that institution, we have students who are on parallel programs who are paying to that institution. They have York farm which is theirs, they have cattle at the University of Zambia, and there is a farm where I live in Waterfalls [area] which they haven’t utilized,” Phiri said.

“I think he is a very educated idiot which is very sad. You have educated people, calling himself a doctor, working at the same institution, he can’t use his brains which he has acquired through education to help the institution which he is part of.”

And Phiri said she is proud of her certificates and wouldn’t want to live a lie by getting an honorary doctorate.

“I am not a technocrat, do you know my qualifications? I have a Cabin attendant certificate, Pre-School teacher certificate, no diploma, no degree you want me to be sounding like a technocrat? And I am very proud of who I am, you go to the parliamentary website, you will find that I don’t like lying. And I have refused to be given a doctorate, I was approached to pay K5,000 so that I can be called Dr Phiri, I said no, that’s not my portion, I am very comfortable being called Mrs Phiri, I don’t want to have titles which don’t match with my capacity of thinking, notice me, I am very proud of being what I am,” said Phiri.

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Dr Mambwe said those who eat with Pf and Idiots. You fall in the former madam. He did not call you and idiot.


Mrs Phiri has 48 hrs to explain why PF should not be deregistered by the registrar of Societies for using unpalatable language.

Sad patriot
Sad patriot

Mumbi Phiri has used the same word that was used by Dr Mambwe but I don’t think the academic will feel insulted. An idiot is a person of low intelligence by definition and Dr Mambwe doesn’t fit here. The ones who qualify to be called idiots are those who are refusing to see that things are not well in this country. Mumbi Phiri should urge her team to focus on bettering the lives of our people instead of dwelling on words uttered by an aggrieved academic.

Christopher Shanda
Christopher Shanda

Mambwe isn’t in the UNZA management as far as I know. He is a union leader, so I don’t see how he can be associated with management decisions to generate funds for the university.


If ever there was a classic example of idiot, Mumbi Phiri is one. She doesnt even realize that she is calling her boss..Lungu an idiot by accepting that honarary Doctorate.


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