The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has cautioned against the consumption of non-boiled water due to possible contamination resulting from flash floods, which may have submerged some boreholes and caused soak ways to overflow.

In a statement issued, Saturday, WARMA public relations officer Joshua Kapila advised consumers in the areas hit by flash floods around the country not to drink non-boiled or un-chlorinated water to avoid consuming contaminated water, which may trigger waterborne diseases.

“Due to the current floods, which are occurring in Lusaka in areas, such as State Lodge, Silverest, Twin Palm, Avondale, Mumana/Chainama residential areas and other parts of the country, such as Mambwe District in Eastern Province, there is a potential threat to contamination of ground water. This may occur due to boreholes being submerged. Further, septic tanks and soak ways are likely to overflow. The general public is, thus, cautioned to boil or chlorinate all drinking water, especially from boreholes and wells in order to ensure that the water being consumed is safe,” stated Kapila.

“Such measures will ensure that the Zambian citizenry are protected from waterborne diseases, such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Furthermore, the Authority is urging members of the general public to continue consulting the Authority before engaging in drilling boreholes to ensure that boreholes are being drilled within places of safe distance from any potential pollution sources.”