Zambia Police has recorded 365 cases of Gender-Based Violence over a two-day period from November 27-28, 2019, through a special operation.

In a statement, police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that the operation dubbed: “BASADI”, an initiative targeted at arresting wanted persons for cases of violence against women and children, captured 365 GBV cases in just a two-day period in Zambia.

“Following a decision at the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation held on 23rd May, 2014, in Namibia, police chiefs mandated the national women network structures in the police forces in the region to conduct annual region operations code named ‘Basadi’ targeted at arresting wanted persons for cases on violence against women and children,” Hamoonga stated.

“In the case of the Zambia Police Service, Basadi Operation was conducted in Eastern, Western and Copperbelt, whilst other provinces also did activities related to the same operation. A total number of 365 cases of Gender-Based Violence were recorded during the operation, which was conducted from the 27th to 28th November, 2019.”

He explained that during the operation, 23 child defilement cases, 12 cases of assault on a child and a total number of 75 assault Occasioning Actual Bodily harm were recorded, among others.

“On sexual abuse, 23 child defilement cases were reported during the operation representing 6.3 per cent of the reported cases and all victims were girls. Eastern Province recorded nine or 39.1 per cent; Southern Province recorded six or 26.1 per cent; Lusaka and Muchinga recorded three each or 13 per cent each and Copperbelt recorded two or 8.7 per cent. During the operation, we recorded 12 cases of assault on child; 33 cases of failing to provide; five cases of Indecent Assault; 23 cases of neglect to provide; five cases of theft; two cases of affray; five cases of attempted rape; one case of unlawful wounding; one case of Infanticide; one case of child desertion; one case of child destruction; one case of incest and 176 dispute cases (non-criminal cases),” he narrated.

“A total number of 75 assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (O.A.B.H) cases were recorded representing 20.6 per cent of the 365 cases that were recorded. Out of these, 13 were male and 62 were female victims. Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of Assault O.A.B.H cases with 24; Copperbelt had 15; Eastern had 12; Southern and Western had seven each, Muchinga had six; Luapula and North-Western had two, respectively. Out of the 365 reported countrywide, 48 cases representing 13.2 per cent were taken to court; out of 47 cases or 97.9 per cent are pending trial, while 1 or 2.1 per cent was withdrawn. Under emotional abuse, 184 or 58 per cent victims were counseled during the operation.”

And Hamoonga urged members of the public to report all cases of GBV to police stations countrywide as several GBV cases were still remained unreported.

“The main objective of the Basadi Operation was to vigorously pursue all pending and new crimes committed against women and children. This is despite that many minor cases still continue to be withdrawn at various police stations and courts of law. Many GBV cases still go unreported and so one of the specific objectives of the Basadi Operation is to encourage people to report all cases of GBV to police stations countrywide,” stated Hamoonga.