FORMER Attorney General Abyudi Shonga State Counsel says he will limit his campaign to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) members because he believes it is an internal matter.

In a statement on the upcoming LAZ presidential election shared with News Diggers! Thursday, Shonga said he was constrained from commenting to the public media on the affairs of the association.

“I confirm that the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) plans to conduct elections for the office bearers of LAZ. It is also true that I successfully filed in my nomination to contest for the position of president of LAZ. I take the view that the election process leading up to the election itself are all internal matters of the Association. I am, therefore, constrained from commenting to the public media on my perceptions of the state of the Association or, indeed, what plans I may have for it,” stated Shonga.

“This is more so that there is still in place an elected leadership of the Association. Considering the above, I thought it important to communicate that I will limit the conduct my campaign using instrumentality that is limited to the members of the Association.”