THE University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has canceled patient visitations as a measure to present possible transmission of the novel coronavirus.

In a statement, Wednesday, UTH director clinical care and diagnostics services Dr Alex Makupe announced that the measure was to be adhered to until further notice.

“The University Teaching Hospitals wishes to inform the general public and it’s members of staff that hospitals are places of highly infectious environments. Therefore, in an effort to combat disease transmission to both the patients, visitors, and reduce over crowding in the hospitals, management has decided to cancel all patient visitations as a measure to prevent possible transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the wake of the pandemic,” read the statement.

“However, only one bed aider per patient will be allowed and will be issues with a card by the hospital security for this purpose. These measures have been put in place with immediate effect until further notice.”

Meanwhile, at Ndola Teaching Hospital, only one visitation per day for patients admitted at the institution will be allowed.

This is according to a memo dated March 17, 2020, signed by Senior Medical Superintendent Dr Joseph Musowoya.

“The hospital is a highly infectious environment attending to patients with different ailments. To reduce risk of disease transmission and over crowding in the hospital, management has restricted visiting hours to once in a day from 06:00 hours to 07:00 hours as a response to measures put by the Ministry of Health in view of the coronavirus pandemic preparedness,” stated Dr Musowoya.

Dr Musowoya further stateD that only two visitors would be allowed per patient.

“In addition, only two visitors will be allowed for every patient,” said Dr Musowoya.