Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has the mandate to work for the people of Lusaka Province.

And Lusambo has given gospel artist Chisenga Mumbi, popularly known as Kings Malembe Malembe, dance-hall artist Brian Bwembya popularly known as B-Flow and Photographer Chella Tukuta a 24-hour ultimatum to apologize for “demeaning the Presidency on social media”.

Speaking on Hot FM Breakfast show, Wednesday, Lusambo encouraged Sampa to continue working hard.

“I want to salute Mayor Miles Sampa and I want to encourage him to continue working hard he is working for the people of Zambia, he is working for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Lusambo said.

When asked why Lusambo was emphasizing that Sampa should continue working hard after he was made to apologize for closing down some Chinese owned businesses, Lusambo said the mayor had the mandate to work for the people of Lusaka District and he knew his boundaries.

“Forget about those things, Miles has the mandate to work for the people of Lusaka district, he has the mandate to execute his duties. We are talking about Miles Sampa…he is my Mayor in Lusaka District under Lusaka Province. I am directing my Mayor to make sure that he puts his house in order, let him move in his town. Miles Sampa, we are not going to let him if this lawlessness will continue in Lusaka district those are the people who are directly involved in the running of bars, restaurants and nightclubs and they know exactly the licences which they give to these people. So for me as a Minister, I know that Miles Sampa will work according to the way we work in Lusaka Province according to the Constitution of Zambia and he has to know his boundary and I have seen him knowing his boundary,” Lusambo said.

“So, for me, I want him to continue working. If Miles is making a mistake, which means the technocrats are misleading him. So I want those technocrats at Lusaka City Council to make sure that they work hand in hand with Miles Sampa. If Miles Sampa is making a mistake, then he is being mislead by his technocrats because Miles Sampa is a seasoned politician and I can assure you that Miles Sampa understands his work, he understands his boundaries. And Miles Sampa, constitutionally, he has the mandate to report to me [and say] ‘Minister there is this how are we going to handle these issues?’. We want the Lusaka City Council to pull up their socks and move in and control the situation in these nightclubs.”

And Lusambo warned Kings Malembe Malembe, B Flow and Tukuta to apologize and stop demeaning the Presidency on social media.

The trio had taken to social media show their displeasure on various governance issues including corruption and perceived government’s preferential treatment towards foreigners over locals.

But during a briefing, Wednesday, Lusambo said the trio were displaying the highest form of stupidity which should not be allowed in Zambia.

“I want to urge Kings Malembe Malembe, I want to urge the cameraman, I don’t know what the name is, I want to urge B-Flow and his team that can you desist from bringing the name of the country and the name of the government into disrupt. This is stupidity at its highest level. We are not going to allow this here in Lusaka Province. I want to urge Kings Malembe Malembe that I am giving him 24 hours to apologize to the President for releasing those stinking nonsense directing the Office of the President. Let him withdraw those statements and let him withdraw now!” Lusambo exclaimed.

“I am urging these other young boys to stop this misbehaving. You just wake up in the morning we don’t even know where you were and start talking about the President, you start talking about Ministers. What do you know about governance? Where have you governed before? What do you know about gold issues? Don’t misbehave! Make sure that you do things in the right way. As Minister for Lusaka Province, I can assure these boys that they are too naked to misbehave! Let them know their boundaries!”

Lusambo said he was aware that some of the youths were paid by the opposition to demean President Lungu.

“The President has more than 40 ministers, 10 provincial ministers, 30 line ministers; the President has other advisors as well. It is now a fashion to some of these disgruntled youths to advise the President using social media, not in Lusaka Province, that is lawlessness! You can’t start demeaning the Office of the President with impunity, and for us who have trust in His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we are not going to sit and relax and enjoy the nonsense especially here in Lusaka Province. I can assure you that we know some of this disgruntled youths have been paid by opposition parties to bring the name of the President, the name of the government, into disrupt. We have all the information and we want to urge you that can you eat that money quietly and stop this nonsense. We are not going to allow this lawlessness to continue,” said Lusambo.

But by press time, B-Flow and Tukuta had stuck by their remarks, insisting that all Zambians had the right to express themselves.

Kings Malembe Malembe, however, apologized within a few hours of Lusambo’s warning.

In a video also posted on social media, Kings said he should have used a better channel to air his grievances especially since he had an “all access” pass to State House.

“This goes to the President and the first family. That video I spoke about a lot of things. Inside, there a lot of things and the video was just cut. What was meant to benefit some people, it was edited and so they had throw it there. Mama, forgive me and daddy, forgive me, I am a son in the house. People are calling me that I could have used a good forum, ‘you are already in the house you could have called and advised’. So, for using that fora mama, daddy forgive me. I know I should have just called you despite it was just a cropped video, I was reporting what people are saying in the Copperbelt, what people are saying everywhere and what people are saying about the gold mine,” said Kings.

“So, mummy and daddy, His Excellency, please forgive for that cropped video ba fumishe fwe kabo despite ifi suma fyo se twaliladile (they removed and edited just a small part and left out the good things I said) and what benefited people. Thank you so very much and I know a lot of people want to watch this video. God bless you so much. I extend my apology to my President and first family for obviously using a wrong forum to discuss such big things yet I am in the house. I got access to enter State House any time I want and discuss things with the President. For discussing such things on Facebook, some people it sounds like cowardliness or anything but I think I am just obliged to do that. I am the first person who should protect the Presidency. Mama and daddy forgive me, Mr President forgive me, this is your son Kings, I love you all.”

Kings had warned that if President Lungu went ahead to give gold mines to foreigners, he would lose in 2021.