HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says people of Siavonga district should not wait for a person who has failed to attain power six times for them to see help.

And Kampyongo says there is no vacancy for President or Vice-President in PF.

Speaking when he addressed Siavonga district, constituency and ward PF officials, Sunday, Siavonga, Kampyongo, who is also PF national security chairperson said people in the area should work with President Edgar Lungu and produce a ruling party member of parliament.

“The President does not look at where people like him or they don’t like him, he is looking after the whole Zambia. You know where Western Province is and we have the Vice-President from there so don’t think that the President only thinks because here he only got few votes so he cannot work with the people, no. This is the reason why I have come here so that we work. So that people should know that government in power is working. So we want you people here to say that ‘yes, our government did this’. So don’t feel that we shall leave you behind because the President wants us to work together. We appreciate the votes that came here and so what we want now is to have more votes and have an MP and councilors and this can happen,” Kampyongo said.

“I want to encourage you that feel as any member of the PF. You are PF members just like PF members of Shiwang’andu. You are PF just like PF of Chawama. We don’t want to leave you. Yes, you may have an opposition MP but people should know that what do you benefit from him and in the way you vote? This is the message you are supposed to tell people. Help does not wait until that person becomes a President. What if he won’t be the President when he has been failing for six times? Even at school, the teacher may tell you that no, no, no how many times are we going to teach you. Now he is changing that that I am Bally. Do we know this Bally? So chair, we have taken note of the challenges and we shall address them.”

Kampyongo thanked party officials in that area for endorsing President Lungu as presidential candidate at the convention.

“I was with the President yesterday in Chirundu where the DC also came to welcome the President who came to see the projects in the newly created district and so he also permitted me that since he was unable to come here, he only dealt with Chirundu and Kafue, he permitted me to come and look at the works that are happening here. And so, I have very little time and I thought it was very important that I should come and meet you who are our party members because without you party members, I can’t be a Minister today. Without you party members, I can’t be an MP so we appreciate you and don’t set your mind very low but you can even get a PF MP here and councillors that is what you should be looking at because when you have got a person representing people working with the President, things becomes easy. It’s easier than when you don’t have someone to speak for the people because when you have someone speaks for the people, these projects would probably…he could have been pressurizing and making sure that these project should finish,” he said.

“I want to thank you for endorsing President Edgar Lungu as our candidate as we go to the convention. Those who want to stand, let them stand but we have the President already and the Vice-President so there is no vacancy at all. So all those who are saying they want to stand at the convention you should tell them that we already have the Presidential candidate.”