FORMER North-Western Province Minister Dawson Kafwaya says it is not fair for people to call him “unstable” simply because he has left the ruling party, arguing that politics is about ideas.

In an interview, Kafwaya explained that he left the Patriotic Front (PF) because he did not agree with the party’s principles and ideologies.

The former minister, who also disclosed that he would be announcing the party that he intended to join soon, wondered why people were creating an issue out of his decision to leave the PF when there were people who had gone to other parties before and are serving in the ruling party today.

“…Am I the only person who has changed a political party? Who can tell me in PF that he’s the owner of PF? Who can tell me in UPND that he’s the owner of UPND? Who can tell me in MMD that he’s the owner of MMD? Politicians move, it is about ideologies. Certain values, if you don’t appreciate them, you move. We’ve seen of late (people) have been moving; GBM was in UPND, but he has gone [back] to PF now, he has been accepted and they’ve even given him a position in PF; we’ve also seen the Mayor of Lusaka; he was in UPND, he went and formed his own political party and later on he went back to PF; he is now the Mayor of Lusaka. We’ve also got the likes of Father Bwalya, who formed his own political party (Alliance for a Better Zambia) and later on went back to PF and he’s now an Ambassador (to Australia). So, what’s wrong with me leaving PF to go and join UPND or any other political party? I don’t see anything strange,” Kafwaya argued.

“If you look at some of the PF ministers, like Dora Siliya and Vincent Mwale, they came from MMD and today they are in PF. So, for those saying, ‘I am unstable because I have left PF,’ I think that is unfair because we have seen people moving from one political party for various reasons. If you don’t appreciate the ideologies of a political party, what do you? When we see people are complaining then we have to sympathize with them. So, for me, what is happening in the country where we are not agreeing on principle is what is causing people to move. So, for my supporters, let them be calm. I will soon be announcing the party I will be joining just like it happened when I joined PF, it was on TV. So, even this time, it will be public when I announce the party I will be joining.”

He added that he was equally available to contest any position in next year’s general election.

“For now, we can only organize as opposition parties, those that are interested in taking power from this government. Otherwise, issues of standing are issues which are obviously there for someone who is still young, like me. So, I don’t think it would be a bad idea for someone like me who is still young to contest any position starting from MP or even [Republican] Presidency; I am a Zambian citizen and I can stand for any position I want. But for now, I think we have to speak one language as opposition political parties if we are to fight the government and remove the party in power,” Kafwaya said.

He also encouraged Zambians to take advantage of the imminent voter registration exercise commencing on October 18 to register as voters for next year’s election and ensure that they vote wisely.

“I am also encouraging people to register as voters; people should remember that the time has been reduced from 60 days to 30 days. So, people have to register to vote so that they can fight all these problems, which they are complaining about, through an election. And for the youths, who are crying for employment, I think it is important that they register to vote so that they can make an informed decision next year and have a better tomorrow,” said Kafwaya.