CHIEF Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says President Edgar Lungu is concerned about the welfare of youths across the country and has directed all government ministries to come up with workable solutions to address their needs.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Tuesday, Siliya said this during a brainstorming meeting with four other cabinet ministers in her office, Tuesday.

“President Edgar Lungu is concerned about the welfare of young people across the country and has since directed all Government ministries to work together and come up with workable solutions to address their needs,” Siliya said.

Siliya said President Lungu and government wanted to work with young people and ensure that their aspirations are met.

She said government was aware of the economic challenges which young people were currently grappling with which had made it difficult for them to continue with their small businesses.

“Government has heard the concerns of our young people and is working hard to find solutions to help them. The President has directed all Ministries not to work in silos but together to address the challenges of our young people,” Siliya said.

Siliya said the Coronavirus has worsened the situation for youths as it has restricted movement of people including young businessmen and women.

“We are aware that our youth want solutions today. Let me assure them that we are alive and sensitive to their needs and we are doing all we can to help them come out of their current situation,” said Siliya.

Those that attended the meeting were Fisheries and Livestock Minister Professor Nkandu Luo, Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri, Community Development and Social Services Minister Kampamba Chewe, and Youth and Sport s Minister Emmanuel Mulenga.

And Mulenga urged the youths across different sectors to always seek dialogue when airing their grievances.

“Young people have made their submissions. One of such submissions is the need for inclusion in governance but we have people whose desire is to continue using them to throw stones a thing they cannot allow their own children to do. These people are the ones who are saying no to these progressive and serious ideas in Bill 10. One wonders what the motive of those old men and women who have continued to claim that they are young. When we were in school they said they were young, and many years down the line they are still calling themselves youth. According to the law, a youth is anyone who is below the age of 35,” said Mulenga.