The Road Development Agency (RDA) board has suspended chief executive officer Elias Mwape and director for Human Capital Elias Mwila for abuse of office.

According to impeccable sources, Mwape put his wife on a three-year paid study leave, without declaring conflict of interest.

In an interview, Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Charles Mushota confirmed that the duo went on leave, but claimed that the decision was voluntary following “some disciplinary” issues that arose.

“Yes, that is correct except that no one has sent them on forced leave and we have not suspended anyone. They applied for two weeks of leave or 14 days. But to say that they have been sent on forced leave is not true. There are just some disciplinary issues going on just like in any other organization. The board is the one that is handling the whole matter,” said Mushota.

“They applied for leave on their own. They saw it honorable to go on leave while the matter is being resolved and I commend them for that. They would have been still working if they did not apply for leave. Just like I said that this is just an allegation. It does not mean that they are guilty.”

By press time, RDA board chairman Samuel Mukupa’s phone went unanswered.