KAPOCHE constituency PF member of parliament Dr Charles Banda has told his constituents to pray for Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 to succeed for them to see more development.

Speaking when he held a community meeting at Kapandula Primary School, Saturday, Dr Banda, who is also Local Government Minister, cited the delimitation of constituencies and wards, which could only be considered if Bill 10 passed in the House.

He stressed that some constituencies and wards remained too large, geographically, hence the need to delimitate them to enable public services be brought closer to residents.

“Let me not lie here so that tomorrow we fail to reverse our words. Bane, delimitation of constituencies and wards is very important so that MPs and councillors have manageable areas to handle compared to vastness of some constituencies and wards. Now, nkhani ili apa, these laws you have been hearing called Bill 10. Once Bill 10 passes through, you and me…we shall all clap hands because we will know that delimitation has been accepted. But the moment the Bill is still being discussed and our friends, the UPND, are saying it is a bad one. So, let’s pray that this Bill 10 is accepted, then more good things will reach our communities,” Dr Banda claimed.

He wondered what was so contentious about the Bill when it would cure the ongoing wrangles among traditional leaders who continued to fight for positions.

“Surely, we see and hear traditional leaders fighting for leadership. We have seen a situation where a chief is called for a meeting, but instead of one, you find two or more come…confusion! It is in Bill 10 that will ensure on the throne there is one chief at a time,” he argued.

And Dr Banda hailed the continuous infrastructure development projects in his constituency, bragging that he was the only member of parliament, who had delivered massively in the area since Independence.

“I am the only MP out of all who has delivered according to your needs. When we were campaigning, you told us, ‘roads,’ and today, we are working on about five roads in the constituency, 11 bridges, which we have made passable and talking about water, we have drilled 68 boreholes. Who in your history ever did this? No one. Even when I was an MP in 2001-2016 I never delivered what I have delivered this time,” boasted Dr Banda.

Meanwhile, District Council chairperson Michael Phiri called on local residents to never feel ashamed of supporting the PF, but remain proud because the ruling party was doing a great job.

“Everything has its own time. You were crying for development, but now even your fingers are able to point at what we have done as the PF government. Don’t be ashamed of the PF leadership; it’s a viable and productive government, which you should be proud of,” said Phiri.

During his usual tour around the constituency, headman Chagwiyala Ackilas Banda told Dr Banda that voters were ready to give him a third term as area member of parliament.

“We will vote for you, Dr Banda. Don’t worry about these making noise here (Kapoche)! We have seen how you work with President Edgar Lungu and the two of you have done wonders! Wherever you go, just know that wapita kale 2021 as we are behind you!” said Banda.

Dr Banda was escorted by District secretary Best Mwanza, District youth chairperson Pingilani Banda, vice district chairperson Thomas Mwale and some ruling party cadres to inspect ongoing developmental projects in his constituency.