ZAMBIANS must not take seriously Youth and Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga’s pronouncement that government will create 10,000 jobs by December because the PF is incapable of creating any employment, says National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairman Charles Kabwita.

And Kabwita says youths will continue protesting against bad governance because they are unhappy with the way President Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front administration have been managing the affairs of the country.

Meanwhile, Kabwita has insisted that it is wrong for President Lungu to allow Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya to continue in office when he is still under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for alleged corrupt practices.

In an interview, Kabwita said the PF was incapable of creating jobs.

“Mulenga was lying! Those were mere lies by a desperate Minister coming from a desperate regime and Zambians should not take that seriously because he said it out of excitement while on-set. There is no way PF can create 10,000 jobs for the youths in just six months when it has failed to create any job for any youth from 2015 to-date. So, don’t believe what Mulenga was saying on Sunday Interview, it’s all lies! PF are pathological liars, they don’t ever tell the truth. So, my advice to the people of Zambia is that they should not take Mulenga and his pronouncements seriously. What he was talking about is mere politicking, it is a lie and his statement was made out of desperation because Mulenga knows that the PF is exiting government in 2021. So, they are trying to see if they can win two or three youths to vote for them. But time has run out, it’s over for them, they can just wait for the day of elections. Otherwise, they are already gone,” Kabwita said.

And Kabwita said that youths would continue to protest against bad governance.

“This government should prepare for more protesting, there is more coming! What they should know is that the protest they witnessed last week, the one that was organized in the bush is just an example of what’s coming. We will protest against bad governance and we won’t even wait for the police to give us permission to do so. We are upset with the manner in which PF is governing this country; we are upset because of the injustice, which is in this country; we are upset because of corruption; we are upset because of the lies President Lungu told the youth in Zambia from 2015 to 2016; we are upset that Chinese nationals have continued to abuse Zambian workers and Zambian youths in this country; we are upset because of the thieving and the way government officials are stealing from the poor; we are upset because President Edgar Lungu is not protecting the Constitution, which he swore to protect. These are among the many issues that we have put on the table as the youth to protest against this government,” Kabwita complained.

Meanwhile, Kabwita observed that government would continue mismanaging the affairs of the nation as long as President Lungu and PF remained in power.

“For as long as the PF continues to manage our affairs, you will continue to see all sorts of things, which are not supposed to be done. For instance, today we have a minister, who is a well-known corrupt number one minister in this country, Chitalu Chilufya. He was arrested for two minutes and given a police bond! After two minutes, he went to Parliament and addressed the nation. How can we be addressed by a corrupt minister, a thief, a well-known criminal? This country has gone to the dogs. Chitalu Chilufya is a thief, a well-known criminal, he cannot even account for the properties that he has amassed in his seven years of being a deputy Minister and a full Cabinet Minister of Health. Time of reckoning is fast-approaching. If this regime will protect Chitalu Chilufya, I tell you, when we form government next year, Chitalu Chilufya will be tried and prosecuted by the courts of law,” warned Kabwita.