KAPOCHE PF member of Parliament Dr Charles Banda has told his electorates that the Patriotic Front party will not leave power in 2021, claiming that there are no signs that Zambians want change of government.

Speaking to his electorates in Kawenda area on Saturday, Dr Banda, who is also Minister of Local Government and Housing, said people still spoke good of the PF, adding that this was an indication that the party in government was still valued by the people.

He further said when change of government was imminent, the environment would reveal that people were fed up and wanted to change but said this was not the case for the PF government.

“We want to deliver and try to finish all our promises before next year so that next year, we are not accused of campaigning. You voted well by electing PF president, PF members of parliament, PF council chairpersons and PF councillors. We say thank you once again,” Dr Banda said.

“PF is in power, PF is ruling as a government and PF, together with our president Edgar Lungu, will not leave in 2021 as we are still in power until 2026. When people decide to change government, the situation shows but the way things are, people still talk good of PF. Those thinking next year we are leaving [power], they are wasting their time.

He said President Edgar Lungu had shown “total love” for every Zambian, even in areas such as Dundumwezi, where he only garnered 35 votes out of 35,000.

And Dr Banda asked Zambians to condemn the booing of President Lungu by UPND sympathisers in Monze when he went to commission some developments, saying the behaviour was uncalled for.

He advised his electorates to punish the UPND in the ballot next year for insulting President Lungu.

“Our friends in UPND have no respect for leaders. Imagine the Zambian President went to commission houses for police officers but they lined up along the road showing as if they want to welcome him yet it was to boo him. No! No! That was too much. However, they undressed us by insulting our President so let’s open our eyes, let’s learn a lesson from what they have done. What I can advise you, let’s go and treat UPND in 2021 as a revenge for what they did in Monze,” said Dr Banda.

And council chairperson Michael Phiri said in the history of Kapoche constituency, Dr Banda was the only member of Parliament who had done massive works of development.

He said even when he was in opposition, Dr Banda constructed Chakaka bridge and sunk a borehole.

Phiri, who is also district PF chairperson, further warned communities against trusting anyone in a PF T-shirt because there are “vultures in sheep skin” who wear the ruling party regalia.

And the council chairperson said it would be dangerous for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to become Republican President, alleging that he had “shown his unworthy leadership while still in opposition”.

“Let’s not be childish, Lungu was booed by HH’s relatives in Monze, a sign of bad leadership. What more if he becomes a president? Let’s wake up and act wisely,” Phiri said.

Meanwhile, PF cadres harassed an old man, Jefter Phiri, in Chakaka area, who had challenged Dr Banda about the rapid development he had promised during the 2016 election campaign.

“You came here to promise us a good road from here to Nyanje Hospital…we suffer a lot! Now you had said you will give us development and we voted for you, you went for good and now you come again. Where is development?” asked Phiri, who appeared to be in a drunken state.

But as Dr Banda answered Phiri, his security team descended on the old man by throwing dust on him and slapping him, a situation which made onlookers scamper in different directions for safety.

Headman Chakaka, Gwazani Zulu, condemned the beating of Phiri in his area, saying such acts would totally scare people away.

And earlier in Kawenda, chieftainess Nyanje’s induna Fackson Ngoma thanked Dr Banda for frequently visiting his constituency and urged him to fulfill what was promised to avoid being called a liar next year when he returns to ask for votes.