NEWLY-ELECTED Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Abyudi Shonga says he will consistently sing about professionalism in order for his council to have impact in the country.

And Shonga says it is normal for people to accuse the association of being compromised but that the current leadership will be judged by their actions.

Shonga, who is a former Attorney general, said in an interview with News Diggers that he wanted to see professionalism among lawyers.

“I am not going to downplay the role that previous presidents of LAZ have played because we are all unique in terms of our projections and in terms of what we bring to the table. But what I will tell you is that the song that I will consistently sing is that I want to see professionalism in how we go about our business. And once that is achieved, it opens up other doors for the association to have impact on various processes going on in the country,” Shonga said.

And asked to comment about the some sentiments that his election symbolised the end of LAZ because he was pro-government, Shonga said it was normal for people to think like that.

“We will be judged by our actions. And it’s very normal for people to take positions because sometimes LAZ has to comment on sensitive political matters. So, it depends on which side of the spectrum you are and your comment will of course be guided by the position that you have taken. But for us, we are lawyers. We are professional people and that is how my council will act in a professional manner, well, in mind with the Act that establishes the Law Association of Zambia,” he said.

Shong thanked members of the legal fraternity for placing their confidence in him.

“The Law Association of Zambia is an important institution in this country. I am clear when I say that I am happy to have the opportunity and the faith reposed in me by members to lead it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shonga appealed to the media to be professional and add value to the governance of the country.

“I value the press or the media. I value your role because you are the ones responsible for taking information out there. So my plea is that just as I am going to try really hard to act professional as LAZ, we also hope that the media can do the same. Then, we will both be adding good value to the country. Let us all be professional,” said Shonga.