NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili has asked President Edgar Lungu to use his Presidency to develop Zambia as opposed to intimidating opponents and allowing anarchy in the country.

And Kambwili has called on Zambians to vote President Lungu out of office next year and let him go back to Chawama.

Commenting on the attack on staff at Mufulira’s Mafken radio by PF cadres after UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema featured on a programme last week, Kambwili said it was unfortunate that the President could not control violence when he was claiming to promote peace.

“[It is unfortunate that we can have this kind of lawlessness] where PF cares can go on the streets without a police permit and with pangas, openly during the day in Mufulira. And [Copperbelt] Police Commissioner Charity Katanga is there with all the police officers, they cannot do anything. The person who took those PF cadres to Mufulira is very well known, it’s the Provincial Chairman of PF and Bowman Lusambo and the police are not doing anything,” Kambwili said.

“Donors, the international community where are you to allow Zambia to degenerate into a Banana Republic just because of one man called Edgar Lungu? Echo njipushisha bushe we Lesa uyu Lungu wamumishe kwi (That’s why I always ask, God where did you get this [Edgar] Lungu from)? Lishamo nshi chino chalo chakwata (What kind of bad luck does this country have) to have a President like Edgar Lungu and we are watching? People are fighting with pangas and he went to tell lies in Western Province that PF will not tolerate violence, yet he’s allowing the Provincial Chairman and the Minister to take buses and buses of cadres from all over the Copperbelt with pangas.”

Kambwili warned President Lungu to reflect on the conduct of his members saying there would come time when he would no longer be in power.

“President Edgar Lungu inshiku mutanda tashichela mumo (not all days are Sundays), there were powerful men here like Kaunda, powerful men like Chiluba, where are they? Presidential powers are not in perpetuity, they’ve got a beginning and an end. Bring this violence to an end, this misbehavior of PF cadres going to disrupt radio stations must come to end. This country does not belong to PF. I was supposed to be on Mufulira radio on Sunday but you sent your police officers all over to stop me from going into the radio station because you don’t want the opposition to be heard. Yama mukacula, mukacula yama (you will suffer). Use your Presidency to develop Zambia, not to intimidate others and allow anarchy in this beautiful country,” said Kambwili.

And asked what his message to the Zambian people was, Kamwbili simply said “just vote Lungu out, let him go back to Chawama.”