NATIONAL Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Rev Godfridah Sumaili has pleaded with parents to delete naked videos from their phones, saying they can be very damaging to ones reputation once they leak to the public.

And Rev Sumaili says General Education Minister David Mabumba is a family man, and whoever played a role in leaking his obscene video is wicked.

Mabumba has appeared in an obscene video that went viral, Tuesday, in which he is seen fondling with his private parts during what appeared to be a WhatsApp video call with an unknown person.

Yesterday, netizens took turns mocking the minister, some wondering if that was the “new examination syllabus for e-learning”, but Sumaili condemned the circulation of the video, saying people should not get excited over a wrong development.

“It’s very sad that we can get excited when a wrong thing happens. It is very sad that this video has become viral, meaning it is being sent all over. And I just want to beg the Zambians that it is un-cultural even to dance at the nakedness of a father and more to start circulating it all over because a wrong and a wrong does not make it right. And you know, when you are circulating, you are defiling so many innocent people. You are also getting them to do these things, you are corrupting their mental standing,” she guided.

“So, my take is that please stop circulating these things. And also let us delete them. If they are on your phones or wherever they are, delete because it is not right. Leave this into the hands of law enforcement agencies because pornography is a crime. And even you if you are found with this video, you will be answerable.”

Rev Sumaili then appealed to parents to delete seditious materials from their cell phones.

“And I also want to speak to the parents. If you are a parent and you have these things on your phone, it is very dangerous because your children will come and look at them. so, let us delete these things and let us stop circulating and let us allow investigations to take place.”

Rev Sumaili said whoever did that to damage the minister’s reputation was a wicked person.

“It’s very unfortunate because we don’t know how that was taken? Who was doing that? Maybe he was just by himself and then somebody takes the video, it is so immoral, it is so wicked, wickedness in the highest order because you have injured the person. He is a family man and a leader. Why do such a thing? We are a Christian nation, we are peace lovers, we are a loving, caring, and hospitable people. Let us promote those values. It is inhuman to do such a thing against another person,” Rev Sumaili said.

Asked to give a word of counselling to Mabumba, Rev Sumaili said she could only do so away from the public, but went further to challenge those who have not sinned to be first in casting a stone.

“That is private. I can’t tell you just here. Maybe to everybody that let us fear God and let us be human and treat each other with love and humanity. Remember a story in the Bible of a prostitute who was found in adultery. Jesus said if anyone of you has not done any sin, throw a stone to this lady and nobody did that. Let us treat each other with love, let us cover and cover, meaning that let us protect each other and help each other. [For the minister] I cannot give counsel publicly. Counsel is done one on one. It’s not for public consumption for me to say to him. What for? I can talk to him. But speaking to all of us as Zambians, let us stay away from pornography and let us fear God and help each other,” said Rev Sumaili.