CHIPATA Central member of parliament Moses Mawere says he will re-contesting the seat in next year’s general elections and will not be intimidated by aspiring candidates such as former Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Zindaba Soko.

And Mawere says he cannot be intimidated by a song composed for Soko because that is not development.

On Wednesday, Soko had said it was too early to state whether or not he would be adopted for the Chipata Central seat in the 2021 general elections.

He has also produced a song which promises that he would work with the church, youth, women and chiefs once ushered into office.

But in an interview, Mawere said he expected the ruling party to adopt him because of his hard work.

“Definitely, I am working so yes, I should expect that the party is going to adopt me. If I was able to be adopted before I became a leader, what more after being a leader? I am very confident that they will still adopt me because I have continued working, I am very positive. So those who are coming on board, they are exercising their freedom of expression by aspiring so I can’t stop them. I am a seasonal politician and you can’t get intimidated by new comers, unless you have not done anything for the people. But if you have worked for the people, you can’t get intimidated. So this is a democratic country where people wanting to aspire is not a crime. People are free to use their rights to become leaders. They can aspire but that does not stop the incumbent from continuing what they are doing,” Mawere said.

He said Soko should compose as many songs as he could if he thought that was development.

“Zindaba Soko is not the only one, there is Amon Jere, there is Donald Tembo and others who are still coming. I am already on the ground. I am the incumbent. I am working on the ground so I can’t be intimidated by a newcomer like him. What is important is the ballot paper, ballot box and people’s decision. So if someone has composed a song, maybe that is what he thinks is development. He is very much welcome to compose as many songs as he can,” said Mawere.