PATRIOTIC Front (PF) media director Sunday Chanda says South Africa’s Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni must shut up and stop poking his nose in Zambia’s internal affairs of because he also caused the Rand to fall when he was Governor.

But Mboweni says there is no relationship between his concern about the independence of the Central Banks and the falling of the Rand in 1998 at the time he was governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

In an interview, Chanda said Mboweni must stop thinking that he has the monopoly of knowledge to lecture other countries.

“For some strange reason, South Africa’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni thinks he has the monopoly of knowledge and believes its incumbent on him to lecture other African countries on how they should conduct their internal affairs. This is the second time that Tito Mboweni was poking his sizable nose into Zambia’s affairs. Last time, he said something very nasty about Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and now he wants to dictate how the President of Zambia must hire and fire people. In all honesty, Mboweni’s constipation is way too much that he cannot restrict himself to South Africa. Mboweni is such a hypocrite who thinks the whole of society has undergone collective amnesia. Tito Mboweni was a political appointee himself as SARB Governor and his appointment led to revising the growth rate from 5% in 1998 to 1.5% in 1999. Tito must shut up,” Chanda said.

Chanda described Mboweni as an agent of the white supremacy.

“Clearly, we are dealing with an agent of white supremacy who must be made to pay for poking his nose in the affairs of a country he does not belong to. It is sad that we have fellow citizens in Zambia who celebrate foreigners insulting their country. What sort of patriots are these?” Chanda asked.

But in an interview with Diggers, Mboweni said there was no relationship between the continued depreciation of the Rand now with his concerns around the independence of African Central Banks because he was governor in 1998.

“What are people talking about? I have not commented about the new Bank of Zambia Governor but I have commented about the Central Bank independence. So, people must not bring me into a conversation I know nothing about. I was there as Governor of the Bank of South Africa in 1998. The article was in 1998 and somebody is trying to make it look like it was in 2020, but it’s not. And the context is that I replaced Dr Chris Stals. I was the first black governor of the South African Reserve Bank and the context is not related [to the depreciation of the Rand], there is no relationship,” said Mboweni.