PATRIOTIC Front Copperbelt Mobilization Committee Chairperson Bowman Lusambo has donated K70, 000 and K50,000 cash to Roan and Mpatamato marketeers in Luanshya respectively.

And Lusambo has launched the PF Copperbelt party campaign and mobilization activities ahead of the 2021 general elections.

But Roan NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala says no amount of money from questionable sources will make voters change their minds about kicking out PF in 2021.

Addressing party officials from the mobilization committee at Buteko school, Lusambo, who is also Lusaka Province Minister and Kabushi PF member of parliament, said President Lungu was headed for a morning victory.

“My coming here is to start the mobilization of the party. What we have come to do is to unveil the District mobilization team for Luanshya district. We are not here to get positions for those on structures, because we know they can’t be in everything area. We need to work together. The bigger picture is for Edgar Lungu back to State House. Our campaign is on issues. Edgar Lungu has worked things that [were] never seen in Zambia,” Lusambo said.

“Edgar Lungu today walks with his head high because he has done what others failed to do. If you come to Lusaka, you can even get lost. Edgar Lungu wants to see that all Zambians change their lifestyle. Edgar Lungu will not come here to give you money, but will ensure that there is more money in people’s pockets. [Our role] as government of Edgar Lungu is to create an environment that will prosper the people. So we don’t have enough time to keep talking. We need to get down to the people from ward to ward. This is the time that we have.”

He said the mobilization committee would not interfere with party structures.

“This committee is not for causing confusion. We are all PF so we need to just work together. So just know that 2021, it’s Edgar Lungu ‘dinda’, and the opposition will know. Luanshya should be a no go area for opposition. Let us mobilize those that are not PF. Let us market the good that President Lungu has done,” said Lusambo.

Later, Lusambo toured Mpatamato market in Luanshya where he donated K50,000 cash to the marketeers, before donating another K70, 000 to Roan market.

PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda said the PF would deliver all the Parliamentary seats.

But in a comment posted on his Facebook page, Chishala wondered where PF was getting such kind of money to bribe voters with.

“It has come to my attention that those people who came to cheat you during the 2019 Roan bye election campaigns which made me victorious sneaked in to my constituency yesterday.
Roan constituency is my constituency and I expect any government official who comes to my constituency, I must be the first one to know, but I wonder the continued trend by some government officials sneaking in to my constituency dish out monies and off they go.
Yesterday a group of government officials namely Lusaka Province Minister Honourable. Bowman Lusambo, Chifubu Member of Parliament Honourable Frank Ngambi & Ndola Mayor his worship Amon Chisenga trespassed in to my constituency without my knowledge, this is cowardice of its worst kind by PF and only God knows what their intentions were,” Chishala wrote.

“As for Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo he has lamentably failed in his constituency in Kabushi and he wants to come and show off in Roan by dishing out monies what kind of nonsense is that? The above people visited Mpatamatu and Roan Markets where they dished out colossal sums of monies. I want to challenge the ruling party to tell us were PF is getting all the monies they are dishing country wide. PF has got no business as a party and we wonder how the party has become so rich to an extent that even a nobody is able to donate monies in communities.
Zambians can’t be fooled any more, Zambians know very well that the current schemes of PF in dishing out monies across the country is to buy a sympathy vote come 2021 and Zambians have vowed to teach PF a lesson come 2021 just like they did it during the 11th April 2019 elections in Roan.”

He said PF had become very desperate.

“I want again to appeal to my people in my constituency that whenever such people brings money please collect it, that money belongs to you, just like you collected the monies prior to the Roan bye elections, the ruling party has become so desperate and seeing to it that they have failed to deliver according to the people’s expectations they have resulted in dishing out monies with questionable sources ‘aikona man’ eat the monies, but come 2021 let’s show these corrupt chaps that ‘ukutumpa washya kumushi’ PF kuyabebele come 2021. If the monies they came to give is genuine these people would have informed me about it, but now you know them I don’t even need to explain this to you my people,” said Chishala.

“Let’s vote out these people come 2021 and vote in the National Democratic Congress Party under the leadership of Dr Chishimba Kambwili the tested leadership. Let me ask you this question did you ever see my predecessor Dr Chishimba Kambwili give out hand outs prior to any elections? The answer is no, the only thing which spoke for him during elections was his hard working because he’s a genuine leader. The same with me you gave me the mandate to represent you my people in parliament and you have seen for yourselves what projects we have undertaken in our constituency with the little money left on the 2018 Constituency Development Funds and I and my office have promised to undertake more projects with the 2020 CDF. Let me also take this time to warn the unreasonable leaders in PF that the next time you decide to enter my constituency without informing me, I will have no option but to charge you for Trespassing.”