KABWE Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube says almost every constituency in Zambia is a beneficiary of PF development projects.

And Ngulube says President Edgar Lungu’s speech to Parliament last Friday inspired a lot of hope in Zambians as it was the best ever received by Parliament from the time he was elected as member of parliament back in 2016.

Speaking in Parliament, Tuesday, Ngulube, who is also deputy Chief Government Whip, said that almost every constituency in Zambia was a beneficiary of PF developmental projects.

“Mr Speaker, first of all, I wish to state that this is one of the best speeches that this House has ever received from the time I became a member of parliament. I want to support this speech, Mr Speaker, by adding that Zambia is a unitary State and that Zambia shall develop progressively. And also, we know, Mr Speaker, that some members of parliament have been complaining that, ‘in my constituency, this is at foundation level’ and that ‘in my constituency, I can even see trees growing!’ That is evidence that the PF government has actually gone to all the constituencies in actually bringing development to this country, Mr Speaker,” Ngulube argued.

He claimed that Southern and Western provinces had benefited the most from government projects since 2015 when President Lungu ascended to power.

“The PF government has actually not looked at provinces and said, ‘this province, we will not touch it.’ And that is why if you go to Southern Province, the PF has more than 300 projects. If you go to North-Western Province, if you go to Western Province…I also know that Western Province received the Mongu-Kalabo road under the PF government. I also know that the PF government has huge fuel infrastructure projects in Mongu. I also know that the township roads in Mongu of Western Province were done by the PF government. And most of these projects, Mr Speaker, started in 2015 when President Lungu became Head of State. And some projects were started by the late president Michael Sata,” Ngulube added.

He insisted that President Lungu’s speech at the official opening of the Fifth Session of the 12th National Assembly last Friday inspired hope among Zambians as the Head of State illustrated the numerous achievements under his tenure since 2015.

“So, we will not allow people to mislead the nation that the PF government has not done anything in Manyinga (District of North-Western Province). I am aware, Mr Speaker, that in Manyinga, the PF government has started more than 11 projects. So, we want to state that this speech inspired a lot of hope in the people of Zambia. And also, we are aware that almost every constituency in this country is a beneficiary of the PF projects. Mr Speaker, we are aware that some constituencies may complain because they want to personalize development. All the huge infrastructure, which we are seeing in the capital city, Lusaka, are part of Zambia,” said Ngulube.

“I am aware, Mr Speaker, that this government has delivered. The PF government has done more than what any other government would have done in the short space. Let me also state that the Patriotic Front has actually worked even in very tough conditions [like] when we had climate change, when we had gassers, when we have been talking about COVID-19. Almost all the projects that the PF government has been talking about are actually working. This is because the PF has not abandoned any project.”