DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba says the tribal politics and vote buying being practiced by the ruling PF will not save them in 2021.

In an interview Kalaba, said PF had run out of ideas and had resorted to using tribalism as a strategy going into the 2021 general elections.

“The PF relies on tribal politics, PF is relying on tribalism and has taken advantage of the tribal politics that they have been playing in the past with other political players to perpetuate their advantage. We will see what type of politics they will use against Harry Kalaba in Luapula; we will see what type of tribalism they will use against Harry Kalaba in Muchinga; we will see what tribalism they will use against Harry Kalaba in Muchinga, in Northern Province, Copperbelt, Luapula, Central and those areas that have been considering to be their strong holds, because they have been using tribal remarks against the UPND leader to advantage themselves,” Kalaba said.

“So, we will see what they will use because people without ideas are relying on tribal sentiments to push themselves ahead but that is coming to an end; because there is always time when people reject such kind of notions in our society, they are fed up with tribalism! Because they know if you are coming from Eastern Province we are all suffering. Fertilizer is a problem,even if you are coming from the President’s area in Eastern Province they are also complaining, I am here in Eastern Province. They are complaining about the lack of social amenities, they don’t have medicines as well just as there is no medicine in Magoye. So what is there to say that we are going to vote for PF. PF is history! And we will make them history come next year.”

Kalaba said even the money which PF had been dishing out to win by-elections would not save them in 2021.

“PF will lose the 2021 elections, what is making them win now in these by elections is not popularity, it is money which they are using. There is a time and limit in which that can be accepted in this country. At some point people will just eat their money and will lose because the price of mealie is still high. They have won Lukashya, they have won Mwansabombwe but the price of mealie meal is the same,” said Kalaba.

“They have won all those by election but right now as you and I are speaking the levels of unemployment have remained high in this country. They have won those by election but our youths are still struggling with their parents in their homes. People can’t go to colleges, people can’t go to schools, schools are now open. So, what is there to vote for PF next year? What is there for PF next year? Everybody now has realised that PF are jokers and they will kick them out next year, it ends there!”