COPPERBELT PF Chairman Nathan Chanda has lifted the suspensions of Christopher Kang’ombe and Binwell Mpundu.

Chanda said this was to promote the spirit of unity of purpose on the Copperbelt Province.

In a statement, Thursday, Chanda said the resolution was made after the two showed remorse for their actions.

“I’m in receipt of the letters of suspension of Mr Christopher Kang’ombe and Mr Binwell Mpundu from the Kitwe District Patriotic Front Party by Kitwe PF District Chairman Mr Evaristo Chilufya. The same letters of suspension are also copied to the PF Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila. After our meeting with the PF Kitwe District Chairman Mr. Evaristo Chilufya his district secretary Mr. Lungo Kawaya, PF Nkana constituency Chairman Mr. Edward Chitambetambe, PF Kamfisa Constituency Chairman Collins Chansa including Mr. Binwell Mpundu and Mr. Christopher Kang’ombe who showed remorse,” Chanda said.

“I wish to guide that in the suspensions of Mr. Christopher Kang’ombe and Mr. Binwell Mpundu, there was an amiss in the procedure even when the case is solid as laid out in the PF party constitution and disciplinary code. The PF as the ruling party has a constitution and a disciplinary code which guide all disciplinary matters involving party members. Based on the aforesaid, and remorsefulness shown by Mr. Christopher Kang’ombe and Mr. Binwell Mpundu, I have decided to lift the suspension.”

He said the party in Kitwe District was free to take action next time.

“However, if the Kitwe PF District Executive Committee still feels the duo or any other PF members committed an offense or in the near future warranting disciplinary action, they can charge them following the PF party Constitution and Disciplinary Code. I want to give a serious warning to the trio for taking the matter to the press and social media when as a party we have many channels of airing out grievances. I also wish to take this opportunity to restate that the PF party on the Copperbelt will work towards promoting unity, love and Reconciliation among it’s membership,” stated Chanda.

“However, I will not condone indiscipline from party members, including those who have launched premature campaigns in constituencies with incumbent PF Members of Parliament, with impunity and total disregard of the PF Central Committee guidance as per the circular signed signed by the Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila…let us respect and support the party by putting all our efforts together in building the party and campaigning for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is our candidate for 2021 General Elections.”