Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) says it is practically impossible for Zambia to be economically independent with “ba Kaponya” employed as ministers.

Speaking on QTV, Saturday, Fube said PF only had a few top-notch ministers while the rest, “ni ba kaponya”.

“Half of the politicians we have today don’t even understand the value of money. Why? Because it comes too easy. It’s corrupt money. So, you ask me, what about markets? What do they understand about the international markets? How do they expect to emancipate the general populace of Zambia without that knowledge, thinking? It’s impossible to be economically independent with some of the ministers we have today. Ni ba kaponya (they are call boys)! with the greatest respect, ni ba kaponya. There are very few that I can say yes, that’s quality. Banono sana (very few of them). We need to change some players and change the game. I keep saying that and I mean it. Nagufye ni bola, kwaliba substitute not ukushanfye, mwakwatafye ukushana. Te ma politics ayo no! (even in soccer, there are substitutes. Dancing during rallies cannot be politics),” Fube said.

And Bwalya said PF’s rallies are a sheer waste of time because the only take-aways were dance moves which the leaders and musicians performed.

“Elyo twalekonka ba Chiluba (when we went to listen to President Frederick Chiluba at rallies) for example, when MMD was coming up, we wanted to get the message. What’s the message, what’s the promise? What am I going to this rally for? Not to watch people dance. There is a place for everything, you and I are Christians. There is a place and time for everything. Each time has a season. There is a place for dancing. A political rally means let’s share ideas. There are some ministers who think the only time they are going to call a rally is for musicians to dance,” he said.

“When you ask, eko mwaciya, finshi balandileko ba minister? Ati twacilashana (what did the minister say where you had gone? They say we were dancing). Shat’s that? You let the older women and the young fellers leave their daily chores to come and listen to a minister, they come there and there is nothing. All you have is empty promises, no you will have empowerment, what empowerment? We have had the Presidential initiative schemes with FTJ, we have had Presidential initiatives with Rupiah Banda, with Mwanawasa, we are having current with ECL, the presidential empowerment scheme. What is this doing? K1,600? You cannot develop without improving the mindset of an individual.”

He stressed the need to impact the lives of the citizens through a paradigm shift.

“That is why for me in my book Zambia Must Prosper, I have attached the mind. I have said the triple ‘M’ philosophy. One, mentorship, mentor the person’s mind, change his thinking. Two, money. But before you introduce him to money, he must understand the value of information and education. Then he must understand the value of money that you are introducing him to,” said Fube. .

“Then introduce him to the markets. You can never do business if you don’t understand. I can give you a million dollars today but if your mind is damaged, the first thing you are going to buy is a motor vehicle. Next thing, you are going to get the most beautiful girl on the streets. You will be spoiling that money. What kind of investment is that? The youths cannot develop without proper mindset. We need to damage the ignorance of the youths. Mentorship, then we teach them about money.”