HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says he is disappointed with NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela’s Facebook post in which she insinuated that President Edgar Lungu has no love for his wife, Esther.

And Kampyongo says if Imboela believes in demeaning people, then he would also have the right to talk about how she sent her children’s father to jail for forgery.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo says people should stop blaming him for certain decisions which police make because he doesn’t micromanage them.

In her Facebbok post, Imboela stated that NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili was not like the Republican President who did not have love for his wife.

“Our President is not like the Republican President who doesn’t love his wife and is busy impregnating girls from neighboring countries. Pretending to be married just for the sake of the presidency when a good number of us know the real situation behind the charade. Our President loves his wife and children and what has happened today is really a blow below the belt. Let your political fights remain with you in politicians and don’t involve the wives and children. We know that for that man who has no love for his wife, this is nothing and so he lacks sympathy and empathy. But for CK, you’ve really gone for his heart, congratulations bamakaka…anyway, Fikapwa,” read Imboela’s post.

But speaking when he phoned in during Hot FM’s breakfast show, Tuesday, Kampyongo said he was disappointed with Imboela’s conduct.

“I was just disappointed with one of the items that you were discussing this morning about the NDC spokesperson where she was trying to justify the demeaning post that she did. She is saying she is a political scientist and she wants everybody to believe her afterthought kind of narrative that she is trying to create about who she was talking about. And to try and think that Zambians are so dull that they can’t read between the lines is very unfortunate. And I want to share with her that you know, when you are in leadership, you must be in leadership with responsibility. The same respect that she expects as a female leader of a political party is what she should extend to others,” Kampyongo said.

He said Imboela should have been emotionally charged before sending her children’s father to prison the same way she was when making the post against the Head of State.

“So, going back to the demeaning post that she did, let me give her a classic metaphor. If I said to you that there was a female artist who was seen with another artist in a very vibrant music outfit in 2012 and one of these artists was married to another fellow artist in the industry who was the husband and probably they had children. And this artist at one point took the husband to court and got this husband convicted for forgery, I can go on and on to describe that. Surely, can citizens not make a picture of who I am talking about? I could see that my dear colleague Saboi has been emotionally charged. How I wish that’s how emotionally charged she could have been to send her own children’s father to prison for forgery which are the same charges which my elder brother has been sentenced with,” Kampyongo said.

Kampyongo also urged Imboela to be responsible when making public comments.

“I just want to say that let’s be responsible even as we make public comments. What we use to measure others could be used to measure you. It was very disappointing that she could even justify and worse still dragging the foreign president into her discussion is not fair at all. And she knew even when she was talking about another president of another country within SADC that she was [making] a mistake. That shouldn’t be the case. Let’s do politics with responsibility and understand the consequences of what we say and what we do,” he said.

And Kampyongo said it is not true that he gives instructions to the police and that it is practically impossible for him to micromanage all the 18 portfolios that fall under his ministry.

“And I want to tell her and assure her that she was talking for example about a minister giving instructions to the police. What kind of thinking would that be? I have always said time and again that we don’t micromanage institutions of governance. Ministry of Home Affairs is not Ministry of Police for example. There are more than 18 portfolio functions here that go with the institution and if I was to micromanage all these institutions, what super human being can I be? If I have to know who the police should visit? There is a prison in Kasama, Luwingu, who is being arrested in Chilubi? What kind of management will that be?” asked Kampyongo.