KAMFINSA PF member of parliament Elalio Musonda says he is yet to receive a letter from PF Secretary General Davies Mwila asking him to explain to the party secretariat why he did not vote for Constitution Amendment Bill number 10.

In an interview, however, Musonda said he had also faced a technical difficulty.

On Wednesday, Mwila wrote to Musonda, Mwansabombwe MP Kabaso Kampampi and Ng’ambi to explain to the party why they did not vote for bill 10.

“I have not received a letter yet, none of the three of us have. For now I don’t have much to say but I will be going to fetch the letter, I have only seen it on social media, I have not received it physically. So I want to have it because it has not been served yet. When I have it that is when I can say something. Suffice to say you know what transpired,” Musonda said.

When asked if his situation was similar to Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi who complained in a point of order that he had voted but a technical fault showed that he did not vote, Musonda said the situation was similar.

“Yes it was the same situation with Honourable Frank Ngambi, and I just sit three or four people in between,” said Musonda.

And Mwansabombwe PF MP Kabaso Kampampi said he would issue a statement at the appropriate time.

“Before you even go further, I know what you want, I guess the secretariat will pass their statement at an appropriate time and Parliament will also pass a statement. So for now, I have nothing to tell you. I will only issue my statement at an appropriate time for now it is not the right time,” said Kampampi.

Meanwhile, PF deputy parliamentary chief whip Tutwa Ngulube said the letter written by Mwila to the three MPs did not touch on any parliamentary privileges.

“First of all the point of order (by Jack Mwiimbu) was misplaced because we in Parliament belong to families, for example the PF and the UPND and so on. So other than what we do in Parliament, we sit in Parliament on behalf of the party, so if the party expects us to do certain things and we don’t do them, the party has the right to find out why certain situations happened. So there is nothing wrong with the letters because the letters are not expelling them from the party, they are just trying to officially get correspondence from them as what transpired,” said Ngulube.

“Parliamentary privileges relate to Parliamentary duties. There is nothing in those letters that is stopping those MPs from enjoying any rights. The UPND is so inconsistent. Remember they were celebrating that three PF MPs voted with them and then on the other side they want to cry that their rights, so they don’t know what they want. They are actually the ones who caused that because Hakainde was saying he’s got three PF MPs, so it is important for the SG to find out if it is true Hakainde is the one who incited them not to vote.”