PF NATIONAL mobilisation chairperson Richard Musukwa says Zambians still have confidence that the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu will lift them out of abject poverty.

And Musukwa has argued that there is no wind of change blowing across the country to favour the UPND forming government next year because it only exists in UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s head.

On Sunday, during a rally, Hichilema said it was time for change and that citizens had suffered under the PF regime.

But in an interview, Musukwa argued that Hichilema was not best positioned to bring about any meaningful change that would improve Zambians’ lives because he is an economist who is only focused on generating profits, while President Lungu remained determined to fight poverty.

“We are not shaken by the rally held by the UPND. We enjoy democratic space to ensure that our competitors, especially the opposition political party, tell Zambians what they do, which is different from what we are doing. And clearly, you can see that they are merely posturing and hallucinating for the elections and promise things, which they cannot do. PF and President Edgar Lungu are committed to fight corruption in all its forms and also we are committed to transform Zambia. We haven’t finished, but it is a process as we know that we have to go to all corners of the country to ensure that we transform our country, that is the commitment. The hatred that the UPND and its leader, Hakainde Hichilema, have against His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu, is well-known because he has defeated him squarely in an electoral platform,” Musukwa said.

“So, he is very aware that come 2021, PF will emerge victorious because UPND is just on social media where they have hired mercenaries on several platforms whose job is to insult every Zambian. Zambians have confidence in the leadership of His Excellency, Edgar Lungu, and PF. People are able to see the difference in terms of what we have started doing for our country. We are aware that UPND and its leader are pregnant with occupancy of State House only for their personal gratification. The kind of hatred and polarisation that is coming from the opposition political party is unheard of in the dispensation of political space. The PF has done its homework right for the 2021 election, just watch the space.”

And Musukwa, who is also Chililabombwe PF member of parliament, argued that there was no wind of change.

“If there were people, I can assure you that we have respect for Zambians, they must have gone to listen to hear if there is anything different that he will say from his usual insults. And his usual promise of things that he cannot do. The change is in his head, there is no wind of change! It is evident across the country, that is propaganda. The PF government is determined to fight poverty and ensure that people have three meals a day. Is HH going to be distributing meals? Businessmen and economists like HH their role is to ensure that they make maximum profit. Edgar Lungu, as a lawyer, a prominent lawyer for that matter, his role is to ensure equity and justice across the Republic of Zambia,” said Musukwa.