UPND National Youth Chairman Likando Mufalali says the huge cash donations by select PF members of parliament is the reason why other members are being beaten by the electorate.

In a statement, Sunday, Mufalali stated that the beating of PF Bahati member of parliament Charles Chalwe resulted from the electorate not believing him when he could not meet their K50,000 demand.

“President Edgar Lungu’s order to the Zambia Police on Friday to arrest the PF cadres who beat Chalwe in Bahati is failure to address the cause of the beating. He is, instead, cosmetically dealing with the effects,” he stated.

“In the midst of the economic meltdown that is evidently affecting all sectors of our society, Patriotic Front (PF) politicians and their agents have the arrogance to be dishing out cash and other goodies to the electorate ahead of the 2021 general elections. However, the PF donations or lack thereof, have, unfortunately, caused a colleague of theirs, Bahati constituency member of parliament (MP) Charles Chalwe trouble. Visiting his constituency in Mansa District recently, Chalwe was accosted by angry constituents because he had gone there without the kind of cash other ruling party MPs have been dishing out in their respective constituencies. For not sharing the spoils which, to them, appeared to be the benefits of being an MP, the people of Bahati, mostly PF members, accused Chalwe of being stingy. The lawmaker was in shock when the electorate demanded K50,000 which he claimed he did not have. This earned him some thorough beating – the cadres did not believe him because their colleagues in other constituencies were awash with cash.”

He stated that the donations were causing dissent from cadres by inequitably distributing cash to some constituencies.

“Mr Lungu and his minions – his select MPs and ministers- are causing this dissent from the cadres by inequitably distributing cash to some constituencies. The cadres in Bahati are aware their colleagues in Kabushi, Kwacha, Nkana and other chosen constituencies are awash with cash through their area MPs and other agents,” Mufalali said.

“PF Kwacha member of parliament Joe Malanji, who has made huge material and cash donations to his constituency, recently told News Diggers that he did not owe any explanations to anyone regarding the source of his funding. This is sheer arrogance, lack of accountability and transparency on the part of Malanji although he claimed he generates his wealth from several legitimate sources as a businessman. The lawmaker in the recent past donated, among other things, a Higer bus worth US$270,000 to youths in his constituency, K140,000 to a church in Ipusukilo compound in Kitwe and a Rosa bus to traders under the National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia. Apart from Malanji, other PF MPs such as Alexander Chiteme for Nkana donated K50,000 cash to freedom fighters in the constituency. Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo who, until he became MP, could barely afford three-square meals a day, is busy making donations of cash and other materials in Kabushi Constituency. Recently, he splashed K400,000 to taxi drivers.”

Mufalali advised citizens not to allow themselves be swayed by gifts and ensure they emancipate the country by voting for the UPND.

“We know that there is a lot of money being given to the electorate to influence their voting during the 2021 general elections when the country is so distressed with international and local debt. Somehow, PF politicians, including Mr Lungu, have huge sums of money to dish out to voters. We urge Zambians to remain resolute as they receive these gifts from the PF leaders. They should remember to vote wisely for the emancipation of the country and genuine empowerment of the citizens that shall transcend party affiliations. To the voters, we say receive the donations but don’t lose your focus on removing this myopic government by voting for Hakainde Hichilema for better leadership for a better Zambia. To Mr Lungu, the culture of donations which, in essence, is tantamount to vote buying, shall only gravitate the anger of the general citizenry towards leaders,” said Mufalali.