COPPERBELT University unionized staff have suspended all academic activities until November and December salaries are paid.

The unions have vowed that as long as they are not paid their salaries, they will not be available for work.

Speaking during a meeting with unionized staff, CBUAU stakeholders union president Derrick Ntalasha said CBU had a useless management which only waited for government to fund salaries for workers.

“The Copperbelt University Stakeholder Unions is deeply concerned with the failure by Copperbelt University (CBU) Management and Government to pay salaries to workers for the month of November 2020. This trend of delayed salaries at the Copperbelt University is very disappointing and demoralising to the workers. This is a matter of great concern and therefore, the Copperbelt University Stakeholder Unions shall not entertain this scenario anymore,” Dr Ntalasha said.

“Employees have been turned into beggars in order to sustain their living. The law clearly defines when salaries should be paid. In this case, workers should have been paid on the 28h of November 2020. Therefore, Management is in breach of the law by not paying the workers on time. We as stakeholder Unionized members find it strange to experience this situation when most
students have paid their 2020 tuition fees.”

He said management was not concerned about the plight of workers.

“Despite this, Management is unable to pay salaries for its employees, but in most cases misdirecting these resources to unnecessary trips that do not add value to the running of the institution. It is prudent that in the event of using the University resources the Management at the Copperbelt University should always look at priorities which includes the plight of workers,” said Dr Ntalasha.

“In view of this, we demand that the delayed November 2020 salaries be paid together with the December salaries by Friday 18th December 2020. This is because November 2020 salaries have already been swallowed up by the debts that members of staff have accumulated for their survival. Further, the scheduled classes that commenced on Monday 7h December 2020 will no longer be conducted as members will be busy sourcing for money elsewhere to pay rentals, electricity, water, food and fuel. Members of staff will only resume normal working activities once November salaries are paid together with December 2020 salaries. To this effect, all matters to do with Board of Studies meetings, Board of Examiners, Senate Examination Committee, classes and other University activities will not take place until November 2020 salaries are paid.”

Dr Ntalasha also disclosed that CBU was owing banks and could no longer rely on overdrafts to cover deficits.