KAPOCHE PF member of parliament Dr Charles Banda has urged voters in his constituency to ensure President Edgar Lungu does not lose the 2021 general election.

Speaking to the electorate in Nyankumbira village where he went to commission a borehole, Wednesday, Dr Banda urged them to vote for President Edgar Lungu in next year’s polls following the PF’s fulfillment of their promises made in 2016.

“Let’s agree, next year, there will be elections. President Edgar Lungu should not lose here, no! Let him win, let the PF party win,” Dr Banda pleaded.

He also told anxious aspiring parliamentary candidates in the region that the PF had not adopted anyone as candidates for the 2021 election because the current members of parliament were still active until May, next year, when Parliament will be dissolved.

“We have confused individuals that are going round announcing that they are standing. Tell them that, especially in PF party, time to choose candidates isn’t yet there at the moment. The PF has an MP, which is Charles Banda whom you chose in 2016, and next year in May, we will come for you to judge me whether I delivered or not. It’s you who chooses and not somebody just dreaming,” Dr Banda said.

He considered aspirants as snakes that should not be tolerated because their intentions on politics were not genuine.

“Don’t listen to them; these are snakes and be careful, we don’t tame snakes. The central committee hasn’t yet sat to choose candidates, so let them not deceive you. At the moment, we are still there because five years hasn’t elapsed for us to pave way for others. Tell them to go and sit down,” he said.

“Some say they want to stand because ‘Charles Banda is old!’ Do old people look like me? Tell them that Charles Banda is standing! Let them go and stand in their areas; who told them that here we are not there who can lead our own relatives? Let them sit down! Osati zili tumitu jototo monga na akakoba. Why should we have a Bemba MP here? Are we orphans with no one to represent us? This time, the MP is alone and it is me from 2016 to next year.”

And Dr Banda, who is also Local Government Minister, said that the PF were delivering what they promised in 2016.

“We are here to deliver in relation to the votes you gave us in 2016 and we are there delivering water, bridges, and many more other things will be delivered next year because development does not happen over-night. If it was done so, we would have done everything in 1964, but because it’s a process that’s why we are still delivering up to now,” he said.

Meanwhile, council chairperson Michael Phiri, who is also district party chairperson, urged the electorate to fight hard for President Lungu to win next year.

“Ensure that in whichever way things might be, there’s need for President Lungu to continue, together with Dr Banda and the councillors. The MP means well and he doesn’t get excited on your problems that’s why he is fighting day and night to ensure we receive what we need. You are in his heart. What you did in 2016, he doesn’t forget, he doesn’t enjoy your problems,” said Phiri.