THE Anti Corruption Commission in Choma has arrested three Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers for corrupt practices.

In a statement, ACC acting public relations manager Dorothy Mwanza stated that the three identified as Clement Kennedy Mwepu 41, Mweebo Mushokabanji 46 and Lawrence Chikolo 55 were arrested for soliciting K3,000 cash gratification from a Choma resident as an inducement to facilitate the release of a named suspect from prison.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission in Choma has charged and arrested three DEC assistant investigation officers for corrupt practices. Clement Kennedy Mwepu 41, of Plot 2264B, New Kalundu, Mweebo Mushokabanji 46, of house No. M114 Mukasa off Namwala Road, and Lawrence Chikoli 55, of House No. 943D, New Kabanana, all residents of Choma have been charged with One (1) Count of Corrupt Practices by Public Officer contrary to section 19 (1) as read with section 40, of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012,” stated Mwanza.

“Particulars of the offence being that Clement Kennedy Mwepu, Mweebo Mushokabanji and Lawrence Chikoli on dates unknown but between 1st July 2018 and 30th September 2020 in Choma, did solicit for K3, 000.00 cash gratification from a named Choma Resident, as an inducement or reward to facilitate the release of a named Suspect from Prison on a lesser sentence, a matter or transaction that concerns the Drug Enforcement Commission, a Public Body. The three DEC employees were arrested on Monday and released on bond and will appear before the Choma Magistrate Court on 24th December, 2020.”