POLICE Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has warned those planning to cause mayhem at UPND member Joseph Kaunda’s funeral to reconsider their intentions, saying enough officers have been deployed to keep vigil.

In a statement, Saturday Katongo thanked state prosecutor Nsama Nsama’s family for burying him without causing chaos.

“As Zambia Police, we wish to thank the family of the late Nsama Nsama Chipyoka of National Prosecutions Authority, for interring their beloved one in a dignified manner without causing any mayhem following his demise on Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020. We are therefore calling on the family of the late Joseph Kaunda whose burial is scheduled for tomorrow to emulate the family of the late Nsama to have their departed relative buried in a respectful manner and allow the investigations in the matter to be concluded. We have received information that some people are planning to cause confusion and attack named public places under the guise of mourning.
We therefore advise all those wishing to cause mayhem to reconsider their intention Enough police officers have been deployed to ensure that there is no breakdown in law and order during this period. All those that will be on the other side of the law shall be dealt with in accordance with the law,” Katongo stated.

But in a separate statement, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma asked police to stay away from the funeral, saying their presence would only agitate the situation.

“We have taken note of the scare monger tactics by the Zambia Police in the statement released earlier in the day. We wonder where the entire police get such falsehoods as intelligence reports that UPND members are planning meyhem tomorrow during the burial of our member who was murdered by the police. We want to request the police, who are the murderers, to stay away from the funeral service of our member’ Joseph Kaunda, tomorrow as their presence will just agitate the the already tense situation in the country,” stated Kakoma.

“We can assure that the funeral service will be very peaceful if the police don’t come and provoke the mourners tomorrow. Equally we don’t expect provocation from political thugs belonging to the PF.”

In response to this, however, Katongo said police were not joking.

“We have warned and ours is to work. A political party can not give us restrictions. Those thinking that we are joking should be in front themselves and not pushing other people’s children to the front,” warned Katongo.

Kaunda and Nsama died at the hands of police on Wednesday. Nsama was laid to rest yesterday while Kaunda will be laid to rest today.