UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says only a fool can vote for PF because the party has destroyed the country.

Commenting on the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s prediction, that the 2021 general elections would be characterised by economic and political turmoil with elections expected to be neither free nor fair, and that the PF was expected to win, Katuka said the EIU report was not analyzed professionally.

He said there was no way that PF could win the 2021 election.

“The Economic Intelligence Unit Report is not to assess who is to win the 2021 elections. They should be talking about economic management of public resources, I think that should be their role. For them to delve into deciding or announcing who is winning, I think they are over stretching or pushing their luck too far. They have no thinking mechanism to determine who will win. They are not doing a research on that. So someone from the PF just issues and makes them announce and blow the whistle so that people are disturbed and lose focus. I don’t think that is a professional analysis. There is no way you expect PF to win with what they have done to this country. Zambia was a beautiful country and we were developed. Zambia reached a stage where we were able to make our own vehicles, bicycles. All that is gone because of the PF,” Katuka said.

“Zambia is not anywhere worth talking about. Even when they talk of development, the development we see such as roads are marred with corruption. I don’t think we can call that development. Siphoning of money from the citizens into the PF leaders’ pockets. So that report was meant to make people lose focus. They know that they can get a few votes because in a rural setting, those that may pick that report they will say ‘no, they have already said that the ‘PF will win’. Basically is it meant to disturb our focus so that we don’t concentrate on what is right.”

Katuka said no normal thinking person would vote for the PF.

“I can agree with what Seer 1 says, Seer 1 says only a fool can vote for PF in 2021. I agree with him. No normal thinking person can vote for the PF. The only weapon which they are using to win elections is giving mealie meal after impoverishing the people, then you should be giving them mealie meal. For how long is that going to work? They only give where there is a by election. After the by election, they will forget. That is why I am saying only a fool who believes that if they give you a bag of mealie meal, then you can vote for them because they will not give you the mealie meal forever,” said Katuka.

“There is a saying that teach someone to catch fish, don’t give them fish. If they give you fish, yes you will have a meal for the day but tomorrow you will be hungry again. This is what they are doing, they are busy distributing mealie meal, cooking oil. That is not how a country is run. As UPND we must win without fail. You know that in the PF there are a lot of people fighting in their own camp. I have been just watching KBF telling Lungu that he should just go away. So if they have internal battles it is much worse than an external one. So it is dangerous for them.”