LUSAKA deputy mayor Christopher Shakafuswa says managers and officers at all markets and bus stations must ensure that no one accesses their facilities without wearing a mask, failure to which fines will be imposed.

Speaking during a COVID-19 sensitisation exercise conducted in various parts of Lusaka with Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), Zambia Police and the Ministry of Health, among others, Shakafuswa announced that the move was in response to the new deadly COVID-19 variant, which had escalated the country’s case load in recent days.

“This is a multi-sectoral team, therefore, we expect that from tomorrow (Wednesday) onwards, anyone found wanting should be fined,” said Shakafuswa in a statement availed by Lusaka City Council (LCC) public relations officer Lisa Ng’oma, Tuesday.

“We expect everyone to mask-up, observe social distancing and wash your hands more frequently to prevent the new variant from spreading throughout the city. We have the SI in place, we have the Act in place and we are now going to move to compliance and dissemination of information like we are doing today.”