UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the party has enough time to break PF’s perceived strongholds and sway the electorate in their favour ahead of this year’s general election.

In an interview, Monday, Mweetwa argued that the UPND had ample time to break into the PF’s perceived strongholds to woo voters away from the ruling party ahead of the August 12 elections.

He said the UPND still had a stronger case to present to voters based on what had transpired in the country over the last five years, adding that it would be fallacy for the PF to assume that they still had strongholds.

“We have seven months before the election this year, and I have to tell you that seven months is a lot of time. We will have enough time to deliver a message of hope, even to areas considered to be strongholds of certain parties. And this is why I mentioned all the things that happened five years ago. We, as the UPND, have gained ground and penetrated so many areas where we were not popular five years ago, and because we have so many months before election day, I think it would be a fallacy for anyone to assume that they are popular in an area,” Mweetwa said.

“Welcome to 2021! This year, we have a stronger case to present to the people of Zambia and I don’t believe that Zambia would vote for a political party that has brought all these miseries on them. The perceived stronghold of a party in an area is created through the message of hope that is sent and received by the people of a particular area. It is that message of hope that will prompt people to make a choice during an election, and after the elections, depending on the votes, an area could be considered a stronghold. Five years ago, the people of Zambia still had hope that the PF would deliver the much-needed jobs. The graduates still had hope that jobs were going to be created. Five years ago, the price of mealie meal was way cheaper than it is now; five years ago, the kwacha to dollar exchange (rate) was not what it is today.”

He said the electorate were looking for a party that had a message of hope and that the UPND stood to benefit from the scenario.

“Five years ago, the party in power had not made the scandals they have made today. So, those who are using statistics that were recorded five years ago to determine whether they are still popular in a particular area, are living in a fallacy! Just look at the scandals that have been made from five years ago. Just look at the COVID-19 funds that have been mismanaged! Look at the fire tenders scandals! There are so many things that have changed from the last time Zambia held elections and as things stand, no one can claim to have a stronghold,” said Mweetwa, who is also Choma Central UPND member of parliament.

“We have the message of hope and in a democracy, it is up to the people to make a decision, but I don’t think that Zambia would decide to maintain the party that has brought all this untold suffering, in this case the PF. Of course, it is up to us to convey our message of hope to the people of Zambia, who will later decide, but we have a better case against the people of Zambia. When time comes for me to stand for any position in the party, I will inform the nation…”