INCOMING US President Joe Biden will have the unenviable task of rebuilding America’s battered image in the eyes of the world once he takes over from outgoing President Donald Trump, says veteran politician and diplomat Vernon Mwaanga.

Commenting on the scenes of mayhem that rocked Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where President Trump’s supporters besieged Congress, the lawmaking body, Wednesday, Mwaanga expressed concern at the violence that hit that nation’s capital, which culminated in the death of four people, and its impact on US relations with other countries.

President Trump leaves office on January 20 following Congress’ final certification of President-Elect Biden’s 306 Electoral College Votes to Trump’s 232.

“I have been closely following American elections since 1968, when I was living in New York and had never witnessed anything like this. America is considered the leader of the free world and a country whose democratic credentials are the envy of many. What message did those acts of violence, vandalism, lawlessness and anarchy send to Zambia and other African countries? The US successive governments have been preaching to us about the values of democracy, peaceful demonstrators, respect for the rule of law and many other values. After the shocking events of last (Wednesday) night, which led to at least four deaths and several others injured, what moral right will America have to preach to us?” Mwaanga, Zambia’s first Ambassador to the United Nations, wondered in a statement.

“In the final analysis, the Constitutional confirmation process was completed by Congress and democracy triumphed over anarchy. What happened on Wednesday on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., was a disgraceful attempt to overthrow democracy! President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris will have an unenviable task of rebuilding America’s image in the eyes of the world.”

The unprecedented violence was preceded by a large rally outside the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as President Trump presided over his supporters.

In his brief address to the Trump faithfuls, the aggrieved US leader claimed to have won the November 3 presidential election, which he has maintained were rigged.

He also incited the mob to march towards Congress in a futile attempt to overturn the election results in his favour.